Stranglehold (360) - £1.99 Pre-Owned @ Gamestation (Online)
Stranglehold (360) - £1.99 Pre-Owned @ Gamestation (Online)

Stranglehold (360) - £1.99 Pre-Owned @ Gamestation (Online)

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Seems like a good price for a decent game. Metacritic score of 77.


John Woo is traditionally known for his frantic, hyper kinetic, bullet-riddled filmmaking that has on occaision been referred to as a ballet of violence. In a departure from his usual activities, he's taken a step into gaming to produce the frantic, hyper kinetic, bullet-riddled Stranglehold.

Stranglehold is the spiritual successor to Woo's Hard Boiled. Chow Yun Fat, star of the film, makes a reappearance as Inspector Tequila who's going to have to plough guns first into the criminal underworld to take on crime bosses who've made a grab for his family.

As you'd expect from anything spawning from the mind of Woo, Stranglehold features much sliding, diving and a whole lot of bullets. As well as the trademark Beretta pistols, M4 Carbine assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers and M249 light machine guns, you'll be able to arm yourself with four different powers as you progress.

These four 'Tequila Bombs' include health boost, Precision Aiming, Barrage (enhanced firepower with a tasty dose of invulnerability) and the smart bomb (which prompts the good inspector to spin in a circle, taking out the bad guys with uncanny accuracy.

If you want to see all-action two-fisted gunplay and tons of flying scenery, this one's for you.


Grrrr...........ps3 is £7.99. Both are £9.99 brand new............

Good pre-owned price, this is actually quite a fun, but over the top, game.

ordered one.


Dang. bookmarked to order later. Just tried for it and its showing out of stock.

Hmm... good price (obviously), but the game drove me nuts. It's cheap, but probably not worth the time it takes to play it. There's too much better stuff out there.


Good price. Would of had it

I loved the demo before upon release, yes it's over the top, but that's why it's so enjoyable, it's John Woo! It's a good old fashioned shooting game, with everything exploding, sliding down rails while shooting etc.

Cracking fun and for anything less than a fiver, is fantastic value.

Got a copy of this for £1.99 instore the other day. Marked up at £1.99, scanned at £4.99 though. They honored the price sticker though.
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