stranglehold and table tennis £3 each delivered @cex

stranglehold and table tennis £3 each delivered @cex

Found 26th Aug 2010
Wanted to add this to my last post but wont let me click on edit?

still old games i know but for the price of a sandwich worth a try both used

Also cex have in the movies without the camera for 50p delivered as long as you spend £2



£3 for a sandwich? where are you shopping? harrods?

lol, you have never been to harrods....paid £12 for a sandwich there about 4 years ago...that was a one off

anyway £3 for a sandwich isnt much...prefer my own though....blimey where do you live 1970


stranglehold is a good game

Be warned ...bad delivery service....its quicker to produce the game your self....

I voted hot on price...not service....
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Stranglehold is £2.99 used delivered from Game, plus a few pence Quidco. It is the same price instore too - even for the Special Edition steel tin which I picked up last week! Thought it was a great deal.

Xbox 360

PS 3

Out fo stock for PS3 at the moment though.
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