Stranglehold (PS3) £2.99 @ GAME
Stranglehold (PS3) £2.99 @ GAME

Stranglehold (PS3) £2.99 @ GAME

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This is pre-owned, but it's very cheap and a great action packed game. Filled with fun.


Out of stock

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Still showing in stock on my browser.

Is it any good? Although what am I thinking it's like £3


Is it any good? Although what am I thinking it's like £3

its actually a pretty good game , well worth £3 some good little features on it ,something called tequia time i think

Thanks for this post, just ordered it and went through fine, said available for immediate dispatch. Always wanted to play this and for 2.99 with free delivery can't really do wrong.

DVS_Dee - It is out of stock for new at £9.99. If you look underneath it says preowned in stock £2.99.

The first level is so utterly brilliant that the rest of the game doesn't come close - worth it for the price of a pint though

Just been looking on Game's website. you can buy Heay Rain for £34.99 New. You can also buy Heavy Rain Pre owned for £10.00 more. That makes sense. lol.

That's pish, i just added this to my basket and updated my card details. Its now removed and there are none left, wtf lol. Sold out.

I bought this brand new from Play for £4.99. Played it once, found it to be very boring, to be honest.

damn, wish this was price for the xbox 360 version

Back in stock again, unexpire

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Can this be un-expired please.

in stock on my screen

lol keeps on saying instock then out of stock

copy of my conformation. On one section on Game's website it said out of stock and on another in stock. Ende up oredering 5 games for aorund £20.00. Sweet deal.


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not expired.. Had £2.50 reward points so got it for 49p inc delivery

keeps on coming up as in stock, but when i click 'add to basket', it doesnt get added to my basket and it then tells me its out of stock.

I'd say for £2.99 it's a good price the game was pretty decent the story was awful though. I wish more people were playing the multiplayer though as I only had 2 games and the mode was pretty good but you will never find anyone playing it.
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