Strategy guides from £0.01

Strategy guides from £0.01

Found 22nd Jun 2008
Lots of strategy guides from Game Instore for £0.01

I can remember, The Club, Oblivion, Pro Evolution Soccer 6/7 and PGR4.


PGR4 for 1p is a bargain, in fact they all are if they are actually available nationwide?

There doesnt appear to be any guides for that price. Oblivion is £4.98.

where nothing theer cheaper than 1.99

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As in the description.... instore only

He said in store.. They wont show up on the website.

OP - What store where you in?

Dont think this will be nationwide but still a good deal for somone if near your store.

Strategy guides are slightly cheaper online

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Who expired it?!?!?!?
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