Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition £39.99 Game instore only xbox 360 + ps3
Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition £39.99 Game instore only xbox 360 + ps3

Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition £39.99 Game instore only xbox 360 + ps3

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Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 Collector's Edition Contains:

* Street Fighter IV Figurines of Ryu and Crimson Viper.
* Bonus disc with feature length HD movie.
* Strategy guide to help you master Street Fighter IV!
* Street Fighter IV DLC: Downloadable Game Content.

This normally costs £70
only saw the xbox 360 version
got in game victoria station London


Price crash already for this 'Collector's Edition'

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In all honesty it was no way near worth £70


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The figures were awful
but it was a fiver more then actually thing and I want to see the anime movie

They we originally charging £70 for it instore? Most online places had it around £55 to £59 on launch. I guess £39 is slightly better

not a bad price for a collectors edition but like people have said the figures are cheap and look like theyd brake quite easy.

It's available for this price on ps3 as well.
I saw it today if you wanna add that to your title

thanks for the info wanted the PS3 version.

yeah at around £60 REALLY is a ripoff, was in Gamestation last month & saw this tiny childrens shoebox sized CE, very unimpressed, they wanted £60+ for it, ridiculous, figures are tiny, BluRay movie didn't even have a case it just comes in a cheap plastic see through wallet how cheap is that! The US CE looks better, but only has Ryu figure but I think also soundtrack CD, but is sold out everywhere even at $80 rrp, now $100+ and with the weak £ it costs a bomb to import.

£40 is better, more reasonable, I guess GAME couldn't shift them at £70, even the average joe knows it's a ripoff, & dropped the price.I'm hoping it'll get near to £30 before buying.

Yeah I saw this in Game today in Gloucester

none in sheffield but £55 in gamestation(!)

Gamestation had them in stock for £39.99

None in any of GAME's or Gamestations in sheffield for that price

exeter Game had it in for 39.99 or 34.99 for non CE

A good price, I paid £60 for it and that was overpriced. it's a bit of a weak set, the figures are much smaller than you expect, the special costumes are for some of the least popular characters (exception of zangief) and the PS3 movie isnt blu-ray. I regret paying £60 but I would probably still pay this much for them again.

yeah finally gave in & got the PS3 version last week fom GAME, been enjoying the game, really catchy theme, but as mentioned before it's a weak set, glad I held back from paying £60+ for it at release, even at £40 it's still quite expensive.

not sure what you mean the movie isn't BluRay on PS3? you mean the PQ is not BD HD quality? it's on a seperate BluRay disc that you can play on any BD player (much better than the 360 version that's on a DVD disc that you can only play in the 360).
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