Street Fighter IV PS3 Wireless Fightpads £14.99 delivered @ HMV
Street Fighter IV PS3 Wireless Fightpads £14.99 delivered @ HMV

Street Fighter IV PS3 Wireless Fightpads £14.99 delivered @ HMV

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HMV have now got the wireless fightpads back in stock. PS3 only, recommended if you're not serious enough about these kinda games to but a fightstick, but want to be able to pull of some sweet combos. "Assorted" (whatever that means) sagat and guile avaliabe at this time, the others are pre-orders and are going for more than double the price. I personally have a ken one coming to me for £12.99 from a deal posted aaages ago.

Get some practice in before Super Street Fighter IV comes out = )


thanks. they also have pc/xbox ones too. was just about to buy one.

Hot price, am tempted. Coule of questions though:

Do these work with the PS3 bluetooth or do you have to use a USB adaptor?

Are these the ones which require AA batteries rather than having a rechargable battery built in?

It's wireless and requires AA batteries.

Haha, you've just saved me £15 there! I ordered one of these for the Xbox back in October, it finally arrived instore a couple of weeks ago but I'd held off on buying it because I was sort of over playing Street Fighter for a while, after waiting so long. When I ordered it the official price was £34.99!

Being indecisive never paid off so nicely!



How ridiculous!

This is basically a GAMEPAD

R. soles!!!!!!!

gonna pick one of these up, new super street fighter soon

The pad uses a dongle for wireless so you can also use it on the PC. Don't know what the 'assorted' one will get you, it's got Ryu on the picture but they're missing a listing for the Ken pad so maybe they give you one of the two at random.

Its a good price for those that aren't prepared to pay £50+ for a fightpad just to use on one or two games though.


Fightpad?How ridiculous!This is basically a GAMEPADR. soles!!!!!!!

It's got the same d-pad as the Saturn controller which is arguably the best. It also has 6 buttons on the face of the pad so you've got L, M and H together. This pad gets lots of positive reviews so if you hate joysticks but want something better for fighting games then get this.

Yeah these are a lot better, especially for xbox users. It becomes a completely different game when you use these.

They're being thrown into the 2 for £30 sale at HMV, romford branch has about 5 on order to come in, each a different style, so this plus a fairly recent game like gta or gears of war 2 is a bargain. Otherwise the controller is £19.99 by itself


Fightpad?How ridiculous!This is basically a GAMEPADR. soles!!!!!!!

Hmm. Gamepad specifically designed for fighters (floating D-Pad, no analog sticks, 6 front buttons) abbreviates nicely to fightpad. Particularly as the accepted nomenclature for the stick equivalent is fight stick. Though you will see the more PC Arcade Stick emblazoned on the Madcatz SFIV boxes.

More to the point, if you know nothing about it, why comment?

Also, I've got one of these and the wireless connection seems to mess up sometimes, though this could be a result of the volume of WiFi equipment I've got in a small space and might not be
a problem for everyone.

Got one of these on the PS3. Paid full retail price for it when they were released. Awesome pads, definitely considering getting another!

Anybody's actualy turned up? I'm still waiting.

Ordered 2 on the 360. Thanks OP.

Got confirmation of one being shipped. Not sure why they didn't sent both together.

Just like the Saturn pad for those who were fans of them.
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