Street Skater (PS one) Free on PSN (PS3/PSP)

Street Skater (PS one) Free on PSN (PS3/PSP)

Found 3rd Dec 2014Made hot 3rd Dec 2014
Ready for something a little different? Street Skater combines Street and Vert skateboarding in a race against the clock while performing tricks for points. Choose from one of four skaters and start ripping in the Street Tour, Half Pipe, Bowl and Big Air events. Street Skater is definitely the game you’ve been waiting for!

• Over 200 tricks and combinations.
• Street tour – Street and vert skateboarding combined in a high speed race against the clock. Progress to unlock routes, reveal hidden characters, boards and more!
• Free Skate – Turn off the clock to practice moves and learn the fastest lines. Leave it on and go for the high score.
• Vs Mode – You and a friend go head-to-head in a turn based contest for braggin’ rights.

Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.


trophies support?


trophies support?

not with the PS One collection.

Grabbed it. Thanks.

Probably never play it but as a rule of thumb if something's free on PSN, I grab it anyway.

Grabbed it. Thanks for the heads up

What about the PS Vita?

One of my favourite PSX Games. The soundtrack is second to none!

Cool, Shame it's not Vita compatible for some reason.


Heat from me thanks. shame doesn't work on my PS4

What a great freebie - is this to do with the current Playstation anniversary or just a random mistake?
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