Streetcar Overnight Offer for £25 @ Streetcar
Streetcar Overnight Offer for £25 @ Streetcar

Streetcar Overnight Offer for £25 @ Streetcar

If you are a Streetcar member, you can get a £25 Overnight Offer for any Streetcar vehicle, including vans.

If you are not a member yet, just Google "Streetcar promo code" and see what pops up.

Streetcar is offering an Overnight rate, which means that from 6pm to 9am, Monday to Thursday, any Streetcar or Streetvan is just £25.

This is a potential saving of £64 for anyone using a Van, Touran or BMW 3 Series overnight (standard charge of £8.95 per hour for 10 hours capped rate)

How do I qualify for the Overnight Rate?
Just make a booking that falls between 6pm and 9am Monday to Thursday and the rate will automatically be applied.

Please note that your booking must start after 6pm and finish at or before 9am the following morning. Bookings that extend beyond this period will not benefit from the Overnight Rate and will be charged at the standard tariff.


so you have to pay £25 or does the code make it free?

I believe this will make it free, but there is a £59.50 annual fee (unless you allow your driveway etc to be used as a space, which sounds rather good!)

It's not free. You have to be a streetcar member. you put in the code to get a special price overnight instead of per hour. This is just a new permanent offer that they had a trial for a while ago.

Brilliant. I love Streetcar and this is handy for doing late night shopping etc and not having to try to rush the car/van back to its spot.

I wonder why you need to use the code though if a permanent offer. They should just have it apply the £25 rate if booked between 1800 and 0900.

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Wow - someone edited the deal and put lots of weird things in... I've just corrected it. In case it happens again, here's the upshot:

If you are a Streetcar member (for a £59.50 a year membership cost) then from 1st March 2011 hiring a car betewen the hours of 6pm and 9am will cost no more than £25. This deal will automatically be applied to valid bookings.

This is a possible saving of over £109, as a van normally costs £8.95 per hour.

Just make sure you dont return the vehicle late, and if your going to be late, make sure to ring them. If you dont let them know your late its a £50 fine per hour, but if you ring up its only £25 fine per hour.

No way. Never heard of StreetCar, sounds brilliant. Shame we will never have anything like that in Plymouth. People will just nick it.

This StreetCar deal is now incorporated into the system and their is no voucher required. It is not so much of a deal as part of their pricing strategy. For updates go to streetcardiscount.co.uk The keep a current price list and available StreetCar discounts and offers. Good one this month is buy a Street car partner membership for half price!

They have been doing the half price partner offer for a while but thanks for the link. Handy to have.

god one if you are really want to pay £59
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