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Streets of Rogue Nintendo Switch £8.99 at Nintendo eShop
83° Expired

Streets of Rogue Nintendo Switch £8.99 at Nintendo eShop

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83° Expired
Streets of Rogue Nintendo Switch £8.99 at Nintendo eShop
Posted 11th Jun 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite about player choice, freedom, and anarchic fun. The game takes inspiration from fast-paced top-down rogue-lites and adds free-form, experimentation-driven, emergent gameplay elements of immersive sims and RPGs.

Rather than taking place in a dungeon, the game is set in a functioning, procedurally generated city, where complex AI informs denizens from all walks of life, who are just trying to get by in their daily activities.

In order to progress, the player will need to accomplish specific mission goals in any way they see fit through the use of their special character traits, items, and the environment.

Will you play as a soldier who shoots first and asks questions later?

A stealthy doctor who uses chloroform and tranquilizer darts to take down the opposition?

Or how about a gorilla, rescuing other caged gorillas to form a small mobilized gorilla army?
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Metacritic score of 75 / 8.1

Normal eShop price £17.99

You can also buy the pack that includes the DLC for £10.34 which gives a good saving against buying them separately. (Pack and DLC also both half price, so you effectively get 75% of the DLC standard price buying this way)
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