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Streetwize 120pcs Zinc Car Fuse Set - £5.39 (Free Click & Collect) @ Euro Car Parts

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An assorted set of zinc car fuse sets. The kit includes:

5amp - 20pce
10amp - 20pce
15amp - 20pce
20amp - 20pce
25amp - 20pce
30amp - 20pce
Euro Car Parts More details at Euro Car Parts
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    These won't fit any of my cars, check before you buy.
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    There are at least 3 sizes of fuses that I am aware of these days, standard, mini and micro, without knowing what these are, caveat emptor.
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    How often do you actually need to change a fuse?
    I probably use one in 5 years, so this box would still be on a shelf in my garage in 500 years time!
    That's what I was thinking. Someones car electrics must be in an awful state to need this many. Even my old bangers never needed this many.
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    Ordered this with prime next day at £4.99 a few weeks ago amazon.co.uk/dp/…C1W

    It has 40 less fuses but I only needed 2 and it worked out cheaper than anything ecp and screwfix had at the time and with next day delivery on a Saturday
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    These are rubbish please don't buy , I replaced one in headlight fuse bloody thing melted part of my fuse box in a week's time the ratings printed are not accurate to filaments in it.
    The problem is that cheap fuses use some awful zinc plate blades. When they corrode, and they will, the blade will make poor contact with the blade holder. Pushing a few amps through this bad connection will cause the blade to slowly heat up, and the plastic will eventually melt, or the blade will stop connecting to the holder.