Strepsils Cool 36 Pack £1 @ Poundland

Strepsils Cool 36 Pack £1 @ Poundland

Found 27th Aug 2012
These are £4.89 in Boots!

For the burning pain associated with sore throats, Strepsils Cool lozenges have a unique cooling formulation, providing a cool mint sensation and effective relief from the discomfort of sore throats. Each cool lozenge contains a combination of two antiseptics (2,4 Dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2mg, Amylmetacresol 0.6mg) to fight the infections which can cause sore throats and mouth infections.

How to Use - Dissolve one lozenge slowly in the mouth every 2-3 hours.
For children aged 12 and over, no more than 8 lozenges per day.
Do not exceed the stated dose.
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Went into Boots for some Strepsils (the cool ones seem to work best for me) but at nearly a fiver for a pack, I walked straight out!

Use by date: November 2012.
Bought some the other week they had loads but expiry date on them all was October this year so no good for stocking up! Great deal if you have a sore throat now though
Or 99p in the 99p store if you have one near
Ta op heated will have a gander this week
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The only burning pain Ive got is the wife, and I dont think streps are gonna help much.....LMAO....
If you look carefully in morrisons they are selling a 36 pack for 58 pence (lemon or orange flavor I don't remember) because it's stock they won't be stocking anymore so they getting rid
I thought great but they don't taste great.
Not a bad deal , Will try get some for the cabinet.
Cold! Boots' offer is better; £3.49 for 36 lozenges (vs £1 for 8 in Poundland). (_;)…61/
Not national but good if you can get it.
My local just has the 8pack and 12pack
Got the same deal a few weeks back at Home Bargains so eyes peeled there if you are interested.
Got a pack from 99p store with Nov 2012 expiry
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