Strepsils Honey and Lemon pack of 16 51p in Tesco

Strepsils Honey and Lemon pack of 16 51p in Tesco

Found 22nd Oct 2009Made hot 1st Nov 2009
Went into tesco petrol station last night and these were 51p on the shelf. Thought it was a good price with winter on the way.


sounds good thank you

every tesco??
this pack cost me £3 last week lol, but its like a 30 min walk from campus and its raining!

Any boiled sugar sweetie basically does the same job.

Great price though :thumbsup:

Thought this was a good deal at Poundland. Is it only the honey and lemon flavours that are cheap?

These are great, taste really nice and do the job :), find all the other flavours too harsh.

Just came from Tesco, these are still retailing at the normal price think £3++( sorry not gud memory). Hope these are store specific.

But still a gud post Heat added

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This was the other week when i saw this. Bought 6 boxes in glossop petrol station and girlfriend bought 4. Might aswell cheaper then poundland

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Can confirm these are still the same price as checked last night.
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