Strepsils Sugar free Lemon 16 Lozenges @99p store

Strepsils Sugar free Lemon 16 Lozenges @99p store

Found 7th Feb 2010Made hot 7th Feb 2010
In 99p store there were these ones which are an absolutely bargain and suitable for diabetics. Also bought sprepsils extra Blackcurrant which contains 24 lozenges (but they contain sugar). there were also other options available, but the most convenient were these two and that is what I bought.

They are an absolute bargain imo. Look here for the normal prices:…tml
(bigger pack but at 99 with £1.98 you would get 32 here only 24 at £2.99)…=12


Splendid price ....hope they have some in Southend

I hate this as I do not have a 99p store near me, I've had to buy these a lot for family over the last few weeks and they are so expensive, HOT deal though, heat added
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