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Strictly Beds and Bunks - Pandora Triple Sleeper, 2ft 6 Single - £287.99 @ Amazon

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About this item
  • BUY BRITISH - This product is manufactured by STRICTLY BEDS & BUNKS Ltd in ENGLAND
  • Only using finest Scandinavian SOLID NATURAL PINE. Environmentally friendly, can be recycled.
  • RANGE NAME: Pandora Heavy Duty Bunk Bed . This is a heavy duty bunk bed, we only use extra wide solid 19mm pine base slats. The side rail is 19mm thick with a 30mm base slat support rail, this is screwed on not glued as with a cheaper import beds. The base has a strong centre rail supported by metal brackets (top and bottom beds). The corner posts are 60mm thick, nice and chunky. The ladder can go to the left or right of the bed. The product is sold for easy home assembly.
  • This model does not include a mattress, the bed accepts a mattress size 75cm by 190cm. DO YOU WANT A MATTRESS, try searching B00A9V8PKC or B00A9V8KNY in Amazon
  • Size: 3ft single Width 85cm Height 197cm Length 202cm
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Purchased one of these 5 years ago for our boys and it's in the same condition as it was when it was put up. Top class manufacturer and nothing like the Chinese junk you usually get.
    I totally agree. 2yrs running with no issues at all. strong sturdy bed
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    Literally building one now (high sleeper small double). Had to use the free spares/replacement service, since one of the last parts had a large knot in the middle that had fallen out. Just unfortunate placement of the knot, replacement part was dispatched the same day. Seems solid, pretty straightforward instructions too.

    EDIT - Finished building, absolutely bricking it when I had to climb up to screw in the slats, but I probably had all my weight (95kg) on just a few slats, and it had no issues, no creaking etc. (edited)
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    Have used these guys twice before and 3 years on no faults or issues. Very prompt delivery and every single part is available readily should you be missing/damage a part.
    Spares arrived on a next day service, the wife tried to help before you blame the company and their product
    Same. I bought direct. Really good company great delivery guy too. Can’t recommend enough. 7 years later the sleeper is still solid.
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    These beds are brilliant, the wood is great quality and they are nice and sturdy throughout.
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    Same here....bought one around 5 yrs ago & still like brand new. Bought it for my grandchildren coz they slept over very frequently, and even had adult family sleeping in the bunks. Very well made. It took just myself and my partner to put the triple bunks together at the time of delivery. Would recommend that you measure length up to the ceiling so that you have enough head room from top bunk to ceiling. (edited)
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    Wife says "NO!"
    Well, I suppose the three of us will just have to sleep in the same bed
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  8. Avatar
    Have these for the past 4 years, annoying to build up but pretty solid and still in great condition, had double bunks (whitehouse?) Tgeyre still going well but we had to replace 2 sets of bunks 1 argos (metal), 1 dreams (pine) due to abysmal quaity
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    Make sure your least favourite child sleeps at the bottom
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    If you have a kid who still wets the bed I'd suggest putting them on the top bunk without a mattress cover

    That way your other 2 kids can learn about the effectiveness of trickle down economics
  11. Avatar
    Don't even have any kids but want to buy this. Anything I can do to make sure our first pregnancy is triplets?
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    "BUY BRITISH"... uses Scandinavian wood Is British wood not good enough? (edited)
    They do have a few fir trees to be fair
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    Try 'Very'...... You won't regret it
  14. Avatar
    These guys obviously haven't watched Step Brothers
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    As at 01:04 on 18 Nov 2022, the link takes us to the item that says:

    -9% £399.95
    RRP: £439.00

    Since £399.95 is not £287.99 I suggest the Mods expire this posting.

    Perhaps it was in a lightening deal or a prime members offer for one day only?

    I also point out the contradiction in the listing itself in that:

    Title says: 2ft 6 Single

    About this item says: Size: 3ft single

    I never trust a merchant that contradicts itself like this, it is at least careless if not incompetent. (edited)
    If you just report the deal the mods will expire it (like I just did)

    Will save you a bit of time vs writing that here
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    If size matters I better hope mine's thicker than 60mm 😳
  17. Avatar
    Dyson hairdryer
  18. Avatar
    • BUY BRITISH - Only using finest Scandinavian SOLID NATURAL PINE.

    gave me a little snigger
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    Better bang out a few more kids and then stick this in the shed for a few year
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    I think the Amazon RRP is incorrect it's actually £399 for frame (the RRP of £439 is with mattress).

    That said it still over a £100 saving and we've spoken about a triple bunk a few times for sleepovers etc. Really tempted by this
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    I would love this but my ceiling is too low for it...
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    We have two different high sleepers from this company and they are both excellent build quality. One of the beds we've had 6 years and its still like new, no cracks or lose joins etc. Far better quality than Ikea furniture. The only downside is the instructions are not the best, thats where they could learn from Ikea. But hey, once its built, its a great bed! Give yourself 2-4 hours to build.

    Great company to deal with too - had several (maybe too many?) emails about the order update - its being preprepared, its being put on a van, its out for delivery, its 5 drop offs away - etc etc, brilliant service. (assuming the order update service via Amazon is the same? I just ordered off their web site directly) (edited)