Strike Force - The Ultimate Fireworks Bundle - £35.48 Delivered @ Dealtastic

Strike Force - The Ultimate Fireworks Bundle - £35.48 Delivered @ Dealtastic

Found 19th Oct 2011
Having a Party or gathering this Bonfire Night? Or just wanting to show up the neighbours with an awesome fireworks display. If so, this IS THE ULTIMATE package for you. Featuring 36 great fireworks for an amazing price - working out at £1 a firework. Amazing!

This Box is packed full of great action fireworks, from big bangs to bright lights you will not be disapointed with this awesome box.

Below is just a few examples of what you get.

This great selections highlights include;

2 x Space Wars - This effect shots screaming missiles up into the sky to about 30 metres giving white streaks of light with screeches and bangs. By far the best effect in the box. As there are two you can save one for another event!

2 x Packets of Snaps - Throw them on the floor and watch your friends jump! Crazy Awesome Fun!

3 x Alien Dreams - These fountain fireworks will crackle and fizz giving off bright colours.

2 x Northern Lights - 18 light balls from each of these candles shooting upwards very loud and very bright. The apprentice of the firework world

2 x Tropical Gardens - Bright and fizzy fountains - Lots of fun.

1 Nuclear Blast - Loud explosions and bangs

6 Rockets - 3 small & 3 large - Light, retreat and be amazed - The neighbours will love these!

1 x Bombs Away - Big bangs & big lights.

4 x Sky Blast - Loud bang with a bright flash.

2 x Volcano Iceland - It's a surprise. Just wait and see!

Use voucher code SALE15 for this price, this code runs out 23/10/2011
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Looks like a cheap selection pack to me just spread out all over the place to make it look good. Better off with LIDL's selection.
This is a pretty good selection actually. If you tape the fireworks together it makes one big firework, and it's quite fun because it's unpredictable which direction it will go. Tried a few years ago - great banter!
cheers ops just ordered time to have some fun
Looks decent enough. Wish the Proton bomb was still around though.
I Bought all of these
Bobby Dazzler - Fireworks Bundle with 14 Fireworks bobby_dazzler 1 £9.99
Strike Force - The Ultimate Fireworks Bundle with 36 Fireworks - Make a Great Display this year strike_force 1 £35.99
Bonfire Night Special -120 Giant Monster Sparklers for Just £10 - MEGA Offer! sparklers 1 £10.00

Subtotal £55.98
Shipping & Handling £0.00
Discount -£8.40
Grand Total £47.58
I was going to post this but ppl on here hate dealtastic why?

O I give heat
my dealtastic 15% off bombed
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