Strut Jeans at New Look down to £3

Strut Jeans at New Look down to £3

Found 28th Sep 2008
Went to buy some Strut jeans from New Look and found the price reduced to £3 when I got to the till.

No mention of a sale in store but the sales assistant seemed to think there was one.
I also tried the Hula jeans but those werent reduced. Have only tested the one store but might be useful to someone seeing as it isnt advertised in store.

Not online but seeing as I was willing to pay £20 I thought this was a good deal.

Also currently 20% student discount (but only on full priced items).
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What store did you see these in?
This was in the Kingston store but sales assistant suggested it was in other stores too.
Thanks. Will def take a trip as I will be needing post pregnancy jeans soon. Thanks.
This happens a lot at new look, I got a really nice mens brown pin stripe suit (still there by the way) for £39. It was advertised as £59 but the till price was different. At first I thought they had just scanned the jacket but when I saw the reciept it showed them both. I got another one (different colour the week after) was a good buy,
I just paid £20 in the Newlook at Tavistock today.
I think you were just lucky!
Checked the polka and shimmy jeans today, those are still full price but the Strut jeans should be cheaper in other stores too.
Bought the Strut yesterday for £20
They were £20 today in norwich store too
Oh well maybe I just got lucky.

Sorry it cant help everyone.
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