Stuart Little / Stuart Little 2 / Stuart Little 3 (Box Set) £7.99 + 5% Quidco

Stuart Little / Stuart Little 2 / Stuart Little 3 (Box Set) £7.99 + 5% Quidco

Found 29th Apr 2007
Three features. 'Stuart Little', is the story of Stuart Little, an adorable mouse who is adopted by Mr and Mrs Little as a brother for their son George. However, Snowbell the family cat has other plans for him...Also features 'Stuart Little 2' - in which a lovable talking mouse Stuart Little (voiced by Michael J. Fox) lives with his human family in a quaint brownstone near Central Park in an idyllic New York City. In this sequel to the 1999 blockbuster, Stuart deals with growing pains. His mother (Geena Davis) is overprotective of her fearless minuscule mouse son who plays soccer, skateboards, and drives his own convertible to school. Meanwhile, his brother, George (Jonathan Lipnicki), is spending more and more of his time with his friends, leaving Stuart feeling deserted. Just when Stuart is at his loneliest, a lovely bird named Margalo (voiced by Melanie Griffith) literally falls into his life while she is being pursued by a vicious falcon (voiced by James Woods). Adventure and hijinks ensue when Margalo who is not as innocent as she appears to be disappears and Stuart vows to find her. Snowbell (voiced by Nathan Lane), the family cat, provides substantial comic relief. Hugh Laurie also stars as Stuart's levelheaded father, and Steve Zahn provides the voice for the scruffy cat Monty. Top-notch animation and a fitting voice from Fox make Stuart endearing and oddly human. Also includes 'Stuart Little 3'.

Great deal to keep the kids happy + 5% Quidco


my son loves the Stuart little films and has the first 2 on a double video, but the vcr has just packed in and I was looking to replace them with dvd, so this is a great find for us. Thanks

Thanks for the deal Darkscience & welcome to HUKD looby75

Now down to £4.99!

ALSO baught - as they ARE great deals , not sure on the qality of the movies though-)

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