Studded Winter Road and Mountain Bike Tyres £30 @ Spa Cycles

Studded Winter Road and Mountain Bike Tyres £30 @ Spa Cycles

Found 6th Nov 2012
A specialised deal but a real bargain non the less. Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded Road and Mountain Bike sized tyres, both in stock and at summer prices from a very reputable shop, delivery is free if you spend over £50 on a pair.
The Mountain Bike sizing should fit 99% of Mountain Bikes, check the width if you have a Road Bike as they are wide.
These tyres are normally only available at vastly inflated prices when the mercury gets to zero and there is rarely stock about so they are a great deal at this price.
Run them at higher pressure on the central rubber strip when it's warmer then let some air out for grip on the ice and snow when it's cold.

Commute in the snow when all the traffic is stuck and BMWs are abandoned everywhere....what could possibly go wrong.
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You can save a tenner by getting them from Germany.
eg Action Sports @ 27.9 euros each + 5.99 euros delivery = GBP 49.50 ish

edit: I've had these in 700c for a few years. They are as good as the OP says - once you get used to the noise they make on tarmac. Difficult not to feel smug riding up an icy hill past stuck traffic;) The only problem is that they aren't so useful in frozen ice ruts or deep snow (obviously). Not a problem if you stick to main and well used roads though.
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