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KFC Student Deal: Free Snack box when you spend £3 using the KFC Colonels Club
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
First time posting... All you need is to: 1. Sign up to Student Beans using a valid email address. 2. Once verified, search for the KFC offer and paste your Student Beans … Read more

Bunch of jokers


Can't login to the new app, keeps saying my password is wrong, how is that possible? I use a password manager, when I tried to reset it they told me to wait 7 days, what the hell?!


Can't even login to this new app


Just taught me something new there, didn't realise that's how the hot page works!


Lemme bump this up to 100 degrees so it gets to the front page (angel) Hot!

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Free Mini Fillet Burger or Krushem with £3 purchase at KFC for Students @ StudentBeans
Found 11th Sep 2017Found 11th Sep 2017
The deal used to be 15% off £5 for students but thats gone now and it is this instead. Student beans - Grab a free Krushems or Mini Fillet Burger at KFC when you spend £3 or more … Read more

Could anyone pm a student beans code for Belkin please.


Any chance you could get me a code for mainline menswear via student beans? Much appreciated


Kfc consider them halal but they're not they are misleading Muslims


Ah awesome, thanks


Looks like they havent updated the offer on the app yet but i think this offer will be available once you scan the barcode At kfc. There was no start date in the email i got so im assuming its live now

Student Discount available at Currys/PC World via Student Beans
Found 10th Aug 2017Found 10th Aug 2017
Just had this email come through with a few offers at Currys/PC World in store only for "a limited time". 7.5% off HP Laptops over £200 10% off all headphones 25% off all bags, ca… Read more

There's too much money to be made. Education is no longer about education, it's a business. Wish I knew that before I got myself in £45,000 of debt + interest. But, parents being parents are always pressuring their kids into university thinking that's the best way to get a good career - in fact it's been the opposite most cases for us uni grads post 2012.


What we need, going off topic, is to get rid of courses that have no meaningful benefit of society. Medical and STEM get priority, heavily subsidized and the focus of colleges and HE institutions. We have pointless courses that the only outcome is for the students to teach the course. Native American history? Labour destroyed this in 1997 with the "everybody should go" mentality. We HAD a university system that was the envy of the world. Now if you like the look of the building you get to go. We need strict entrance exams to the university not just your a-level grades, we need rolling pass marks in courses, your competing all the time with others on the course. Work experience (paid or voluntary) will be built into the course, those three months over summer wont see you "have a well deserved break" you will work!


I brought up the money as a lot of the older people that I see complain say about not having discounts like these when they were a student but forget about the massive jump in fees :p All very true though!


To be fair, Graham, you can't put all students under the same umbrella. As I posted this deal, you'll appreciate the fact that I'm a student - albeit not in my 20s, and studying from home, but regardless, I'm still a student. I've worked hard and self-funded the vast majority of my courses, and it's being done for my development rather than career or other reasons - I'm lucky to be in a position whereby I've climbed the ranks into a relatively high position employment wise. Admittedly, I'm sure your statement does apply in some cases, but there's also plenty where it doesn't.


To be fair, he has... 3 posts up.

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Today only; up to 25% of travelodge (via student beans)
Found 5th May 2017Found 5th May 2017
's the fiiiinal countdownnnn. Students can grab 25% discount at Travelodge, but be quick - the boosted discount drops every 3 hours ;) so GO, GO, GO! I can't login to my account a… Read more

Has anyone managed to get a code


only valid on stays after 7th of May!


I'm waiting too


Come on guys - someone give your pals at HDUK the code, so we can all benefit...


anybody got the code?

Free takeaway (up to £15) from JustEat with Studentbeans for new Quidco users
Found 8th Mar 2017Found 8th Mar 2017
Not sure if it's been posted, but worth checking your email! Studentbeans has got a new offer that if you are a new Quidco user (or existing users - use your imagination), you ca… Read more
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Classic moronic interpretation of someone's post. Where did I say I'd rather the UK be filled with people who can't be arsed? I said students don't need free stuff and I begrudge that. I begrudge them receiving student loans that don't get paid off and I begrudge the notion that receiving free tuition is a legitimate idea. Don't tarnish me with your idiot brush just because you can't even take down an argument like mine then go to miss-represent. It's all about fairness. Unfortunately you can't measure determination or any other feel good drivel so it's an unsuitable scale to determine if someone should receive MONEY. After all, it's all about free money. Classy. Nobel. Esteemed. Ever so determined. Give everyone free money or give nobody anything.


Wow. Just wow. A teenager decides to further their education, their life, their career and you automatically have prejudice against them because of that positive life choice?! They've chosen to do something positive with their life, if that means they get x% off a sodding takeaway, they're welcome to it. I'd rather the uk community and economy be filled with people who have potential and the drive to further their life & careers than people who feel like they can't be arsed and feel as though society owes them something.


I don't doubt their ability to make shrewd self-serving decisions to the detriment of everyone apart from themselves. Fortunately they are lazy and entitled enough to not bother voting. Something about not being allowed to bring a selfie stick into the voting booth.


You've proven my point. What might I be jealous of? Them being pandered to with free stuff and yet only 30% of the lazy **** pay off their student loans? Jealous? Nope. Disgusted. Yep.


But they are still the people who will choose your nursing home!

60% of kaspersky software (Student Beans) + £15 cashback from CompleteSavings free trial (Student email required)
Found 10th Sep 2016Found 10th Sep 2016
Use Student Beans to purchase any Kaspersky 2017 software then use the CompleteSavings free trial to claim £15 cashback and then cancel the account. Could get Kaspersky Anti-Viru… Read more
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what is CompleteSavings?


If you have a Barclays account, then it's free

student email address required as verification

*Heads up* 15% off £5 spend at KFC using valid email on studentbeans
Found 6th May 2016Found 6th May 2016
Heads up for KFC'ers with a valid email account especially if you eat there regularly. 15% off a £5 spend plus a Colonels Club stamp when you link a studentbeans account ID t… Read more
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Cantonese Roast Duck.Yum!! :p In HK and China,it is common for chix and duck dishes to be served whole,ie.with the head and bottom on. If pieces are missing,customers will complain.:D



Cold for starting the thread with *heads up*.


But you can only get two stamps a month via this method by filling in the receipt details on the colonels club app. Ok if you go twice a month but not if you go more times


The discount states on the app that you cant use it with the other offers or the £5 reward, but you can use it with the free side and free snack rewards

15% STUDENT discount at KFC
Found 9th Oct 2015Found 9th Oct 2015
Unlock 15% off when you spend £5 or more at participating KFC restaurants. Just register with Student Beans and use the KFC app
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good idea but they would probably forget to pack the dip lol


KFC are useless my local one either they've run out of chicken or if you're lucky and they have enough they then screw up the order by forgetting to put all the items in the bag, f##k the colonel!


better buying a dip for 10p, then fill out the survey online for 20% off your next order, and keep repeating the process ,only need to buy the dip on 1st visit :)


all of that for chicken blimeeey!!


No it wont work. Read it all

Mamma Mia ticket plus two course meal package £29.00 (+ £2.50 postage) @ Studentbeans
Found 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
Mon-Thu only. Other well priced ticket + dinner packages available. Do you have to be a student? I don't think so but please correct me if you know otherwise.
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Why is this a 'deal'? The seats are £20 seats, so you're paying £9 for some pizza! A better deal would be on the £65 tickets where the meal is thrown in for free. However, I'm sure someone can tell us how to get discounted tickets which would make the 'deal' even more irrelevant.


Will we only get beans for dinner??

20% off  your order - direct link @
Found 13th Apr 2014Found 13th Apr 2014
This is a recurring discount currently with no expiry date Click Get Deal and 20% is automatically deducted from checkout on any order - no minimum spend YOU must have a unique m… Read more
vinh1000 New Link


Must be a student, boo!


you do not enter it there you go through as normal past payment screen then it prompts for validation code sent in mobile


i have got the validation code.. but its not working when i enter it under gift voucher?


just tried it myself. new emails and numbers. still doesnt accept code. shame.

Free RedSpottedHanky £10 voucher for students with Student Beans
Found 17th Feb 2014Found 17th Feb 2014
IMPORTANT: Your RSH account must be a university email address ( Save your cash for more important things this term with a free £10 train ticket voucher from Red Spotted Ha… Read more
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Don't try anymore! They ran out of codes!


Codes gone


Got the voucher. Thank


Thanks very much OP, I got one. Voted hot. :) PS: The codes are NOT generic, and will be unique per account, so there's no point in sharing them, as they will be for one-time use only with a valid e-mail address.


Yeah, I thought exactly the same thing!

FREE £5 amazon cashback credit (spend on home garden & diy) @ quidco via studentbeans
Found 7th Aug 2013Found 7th Aug 2013
all you need to do is sign up to studentbeans and quidco make a amazon purchase on selected amazon catergioes* then recieve £5 cashback credit to spend on home garden and diy stud… Read more

Love it how every time a Starbucks or Amazon deal come on here, other users will drop in a tax comment (and now mental welfare of children). Then an apple product appears and they drop a comment about how rubbish Apple products are!


you overemphasis to the extreme making any point you have lost in the groans of readers. 1) tax - if you boycott them, why not everyone else? At least they pay a minuscule amount, energy and water companies pay nowt! 2) poor treatment of staff - guess you hand craft your clothing, otherwise you pretty much partake in far worse staff treatment. 3) "indirectly been responsible for several suicides of young people". that is a VERY INDIRECT link between and the suicide of teenagers. Blame lies with the users who caused such tragerdies, i'm slightly offended that you feel the need to shift some blame off them to a company simply because it runs a Q&A website. 4) no revenue for schools - The difference between amazon avoided tax payment and current payment is a tiny amount of the tax budget. Other far more important issues causing a far greater effect on the revenue available such as the election of David Cameron and Trident. 5) If has placed the mental welfare of your child in danger then it is advisable she seeks professional help. This is the first case I have ever heard of.


Nothing as I don't really care about it - hence why I haven't been moaning... Though if you genuinely believe Amazon put the "mental health of your children" in danger and is responsible for child suicides, your actions seem wholly inadequate. Boycott the company - no-one cares. Sign a petition - no-one cares. Complain to MP/MEP - virtually nothing will be done. Though do you really genuinely believe Amazon is responsible for child suicides? Because if you do, I also find it rather bizarre that your main issue against them was not paying tax, with the child deaths just a minor back-up point?


All decent people should boycott Amazon over tax, appalling treatment of its staff and running that disgusting site that has indirectly been responsible for several suicides of young people. If I had a child I would be asking myself is it worth saying 25p on a book to ensure that we have no revenue to spend on schools and hospitals, and to help this company run a website that places the mental welfare of my child in danger?


If you have decided to boycott companies who avoid taxes, then good luck with your shopping! Might have to resort to making your own bread and growing your own veg. Oh and you can forget about having any electricity or water supply - they are the worst!

FREE Issue of The Economist
Found 27th Aug 2012Found 27th Aug 2012
Feeling curious or open-minded? Try out The Economist with your FREE copy now
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waste of time - don't bother!! your not Osborne are you :D


I used to get this years ago when cheap. I got a free trial recently and what a load of biased tosh. I would not use this as toilet paper. I wanted to ring them up and ask how they could sell such utter crap as journalism.


Whenever you need to cancel - it's truly a bad deal ...... so often they just continue to take your money ... your cancelation got 'lost' .... waste of time - don't bother!!


No thanks from me either I'm afraid. We signed up to this last time and when it came time for us to cancel (which we did, over the phone), they continued to take money for 3 months as they 'forgot' to cancel our subscription - despite more than half a dozen phone calls. Swindling barstewards!


Ring to arrange delivery.............................and try the hard sell while we are at it, no thanks, only a tit would fall for it

Student only: BOGOF - 24 Krispy Kreme for £7.95!
Found 9th May 2012Found 9th May 2012
Just received this through email earlier. Get the voucher from studentbeans, print it out and bring it with your student card to the nearest Krispy Kreme store. Deal not valid in… Read more
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voucher has expired btw


only for students :(


Hot deal!! Hope they repeat it in time for my birthday in July!


I love Krispy Kreme though I feel my teeth decaying after eating them!


Hot from me. Yes they are overpriced, yes they are about 500000 calories each, but they are scrummy and this is a good reduction. Getting cold cos its only for students maybe.

Are you / your friend students? CINEWORLD cinema tickets: 2 for 1, Mondays to Thursdays!
Found 19th Jul 2011Found 19th Jul 2011
Brilliant deal if you or a friend are a student, available four days a week unlike the ongoing Orange Wednesday deal. You need to print out a voucher: one per film booking for two … Read more
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why is this expired? its still going :S


Not sure how, but I used this voucher for 2 tix to watch Harry Potter last week in 3D, including 2 pairs of 3D glasses, cost less than £6?!


So you might be able to see the film you want 241, depending on the staff that day...? Think il stick with orange wedensdays and showcase or downloading.


this is nothing new, been using this deal all year


Maybe its because I went to see it on the Monday directly following the release.

Alton Towers 62% off @ StudentBeans = £15
Found 17th Jul 2011Found 17th Jul 2011
During July, you can get 62% off at Alton Towers, which means each Adult will pay £15 each. This is better than the BOGOF vouchers!!

Only 40% off now. Where is the next best deal after this?


whats the max amount of ppl you can take with this? Thinking about going for the 1st time ever would be great to go as a group!


Just signed up to student beans, planning on going next Friday with 7 others. Just finished my last year at uni but my NUS card expires 30/09/11 so I should be able to get the offer.


I am going a week on monday. School in the lake district haven't finished for summer yet, have schools in the midlands/south already finished (hence why it was so busy?) i think it will be worth £10+ to get a fastrack on a few of the rides.


Went yesterday and it was ****! 1-2 hour queues on ALL rides!