Students - 25% off in Yo! Sushi all year round !

Students - 25% off in Yo! Sushi all year round !

Found 15th Aug 2013
Join Yo! Sushi club for free - enter your NUS (student card) details and you get 25% off food all year round.
Just show the code emailed to you (either flash your phone screen it print out!) you will also need to show your student card.

Saw someone else in Yo Sushi do it today , so googled it , completed online and was able to just show the email on my phone .

I know Yo sushi isn't everyone's cup of tea.. but this is great for those that are students and love it.
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Yo sushi isn't anyone's cup of tea :-)
Green tea!
It's my cup of tea.
Yo sushi is awful tasting in my opinion. It is popular because there were not much choice for Japanese food.
I had a lovely time there today. Plus it fascinates my kids watching the food being prepared.
it's at least better than supermarket sushi. if you are outside London you haven't got much choice really. it's either this or some Chinese place trying to look up market.
why not just show the voucher code once registered?
or just show nus card without registering?
They ask for them both together at checkout. Photo Id or you could give your voucher anyone I suppose.
Shame my Uni isn't with NUS (Southampton)

Shame my Uni isn't with NUS (Southampton)

Neither is mine (Aston) but I just put a random university down, nobody bothers to check anyway.
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