Studio Classics Box Set: - 5 Great Movies - 14.99 Delivered
Studio Classics Box Set:   -   5 Great Movies   -  14.99   Delivered

Studio Classics Box Set: - 5 Great Movies - 14.99 Delivered

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Good price for this Box Set. Nearest price I can find is £17.99

Five all time classics from 20th Century Fox.

The Fly (Dir. Kurt Neumann, 1958): Scientist Andre Delambre becomes obsessed with his latest creation, a matter transporter. He has varying degrees of success with it. He eventually decides to use a human subject - himself - with tragic consequences. During the transference, his atoms become merged with a fly, which was accidentally let into the machine. He winds up with the fly's head and one of it's arms and the fly with Andre's head and arm. Eventually, Andre's wife, Helene discovers his secret and must make a decision whether to let him continue to live like that or to do the unthinkable.....

The Day The Earth Stood Still (Dir. Robert Wise, 1951): A spacecraft lands in Washington D.C. and an alien emerges, flanked by a menacing robot with destructive capabilities far beyond anyone's imagination. So begins the science-fiction thriller The Day The Earth Stood Still, a classic "atomic movie" from the 50s that would go on to inspire alien-invasion films for decades to come. Rebuffed in his efforts to meet the world's leaders and warn them of the earth's impending doom, the alien, Klaatu (Michael Rennie), takes to the streets. Klaatu's plea for peace is embraced by a pretty, young woman (Patricia Neal) and an eminent scientist (Sam Jaffe), but the rest of humanity reacts with mistrust, fear and violence. With time running out, Klaatu is forced to demonstrate his awesome powers in a mind-boggling display, teaching all of mankind a lesson for the ages. Watch The Day The Earth Stood Still and and you will never forget these words - "Klaatu barada nikto!"

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Dir. Irwin Allen, 1961): The crew aboard an atomic submarine battles saboteurs, giant sea creatures and attacks by enemy submarines as they race to save mankind from global catastrophe. Stunning visual effects and breathtaking underwater photography make this one of the most memorable sci-fi adventure classics of all time.

Fantastic Voyage (Dir. Richard Fleischer, 1966): Shrunk to microscopic size, an elite scientific and medical team enters the bloodstream of an ailing scientist in a desperate effort to save his life. Battling the body's incredible defenses, the crew must complete their mission before time runs out.

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (Dir. Henry Levin, 1959): Danger and wonder at the Earth's core! The accent is on fun and fantasy in this film version of Jules Verne's classic thriller stars James Mason, Pat Boone and Arlene Dahl. With spectacular visuals as a backdrop, the story centres on an expedition led by Professor Lindenbrook (Mason) down into the Earth's dark core. Members of the group include the professor's star student, Alec (Boone) and the widow (Dahl) of a colleague. Along the way lurk dangers such as kidnapping, death, sabotage by a rival explorer and attacks by giant prehistoric reptiles. But they also encounter such magnificent wonders as a glistening cavern of quartz crystals, luminescent algae, a forest of giant mushrooms and the lost city of Atlantis.


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Heat & rep for a great find. Superb films all created without the "benefit" of modern day CGI techniques.
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