Studio Ghibli DVD's cheap
Studio Ghibli DVD's cheap

Studio Ghibli DVD's cheap

I went looking for a couple of Ghibli films and realised that Amazon had most of their films down from £20 to about £6.

I already had Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away, so I've been able to complete my collection for about another £70 with free delivery.

Seriously if you like the above two films it is worth getting these. On a side not, I did not by My Neighnours The Yamadas as this is not so much a film, but a series of sketches.


Might aswell get them for £5.99 from HMV as they do 10% quidco and free delivery

Old news

Strange criticism of My Neighbours The Yamadas. Personally I think it's a gem, I'd recommend it to anyone.
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