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Sennheiser HD25-C II Headphones £119 @ Studiospares
Found 29th Feb 2016Found 29th Feb 2016
Sennheiser HD25-C II Headphones £119 @ Studiospares
Due to their low weight and the option of one-ear listening, the HD 25-II headphones are indispensable for mobile monitoring. The closed-back HD 25-IIs are purpose-designed, profes… Read more

​I agree quite a bit with Elgofre about the HD25s. Yes they're aggressive but it's something most will enjoy. The M50s are good also but I wouldn't say they are any less guilty of sonic truth for studio work (if by that you mean creating music). I find the M50s a little muffled and overzealous in the bass and a bit lacking in the upper midrange. Although they are bigger they wont be a super comfy circumaural experience like the big Sennhiesers or Beyerdynamics. The HD25s might be on-ear, but at least it's more obvious what you're getting and they are much nicer for travel or leaving around your neck too. Hmm what else... both have removabke cables, if we're talking about the M50x, but that one is modular, I think.


For studio work I would say the M50X's, full sized headphones have better imaging properties and the more restrained treble falls closer to neutral than the HD25's sound signature.


OK... these or Audio-Technica ATH-M50X (£125) for studio work ?? too many options oO #headhurting


Superb headphones, the HD25s are among my all time favourite headphones of the dozens of premium pairs that I've owned or used over the last few years. They won't suit everyone with their strong clamping force and some listeners can find their bright sound signature a bit fatiguing, but that aggressive sound is why I love them as a listening pair, and their reputation as a professional's headphone is legendary! For anyone looking to spend under £150 on an on-ear headphone for enjoying music or any kind of audio work, these are one of my top recommendations. Not to mention they're built like tanks and can last a lifetime. It's also worth noting that this is the version with a 3m coiled cable, which is great for home/DJ use but less so for portable listening. If you want them for using on the go, then the HD25-1 II Basic Edition (same headphones but without some accessories like a carry bag or velour ear-pads) cost £111 on Amazon while the standard edition of the Sennheiser HD25-1 II costs a little under £140, with both coming with shorter straight cables.

ABS PA / DJ Rack Case 12U at Studiospares - £53.49 del. (was £86.09)
Found 10th Feb 2016Found 10th Feb 2016
ABS PA / DJ Rack Case 12U at Studiospares - £53.49 del. (was £86.09)
Rather an esoteric deal, but I hope it will help someone looking for an excellent large case for their band / PA / DJ kit. It comes with rackmount fixing panels both front and rea… Read more

HEAT!Quality cases and very good value for money with a decent customer [real people not baked bean can string attached ones] service who know their stuff ;-)Hi-res [extracted out of the silly cart software that seems to be the norm] Pix:>>>>>Also worth a look see at the other sales stuff as there is some good pricing on the range..Some extra HEAT just for posting an Oddity deal, which hukd needs a lot more of, insteadof a packet of crisps deal for 1p less than the next poster :D

Studiospares 5" Monitor Isolation Pads - £7.34 + £2 postage
Found 19th Aug 2013Found 19th Aug 2013
Studiospares 5" Monitor Isolation Pads - £7.34 + £2 postage
Bargain price for a set of these. Similar design to the £30 mopads (speakers can be positioned flat or angled up or down at various degrees) and cheapest pair I've come across. Whe… Read more

Mine arrived today & although I was expecting to have to cut them in half & leave a gap in the middle, they are actually much bigger than I thought, fits the yamaha hs50m's perfectly, so no cutting needed :) Very pleased with them.


great product , not just for recording studios. I have 2 pair of these and cant tell the difference between my studio spares ones and my auralex ones apart from the price and a shiny auralex badge (which falls off eventually). have just ordered 2 more pairs for my other monitors.

FLOPPY DISK STORAGE Transparent Floppy Disk Storage Box. Multibuy discount and price matching available £4.79 @ studio spares
Found 13th Jun 2012Found 13th Jun 2012
FLOPPY DISK STORAGE Transparent Floppy Disk Storage Box. Multibuy discount and price matching available £4.79 @ studio spares
FLOPPY DISK STORAGE Transparent Floppy Disk Storage Boxes. Manufactured from High Impact Plastics with a lockable lid. Three models for 40, 80 or 120 disk capacity. Availabbilty - … Read more

Fail joke!


Cold, this box is for 3.5" floppies, I use 5.25" ones!


its a side gimmick to try to get heat with the floppy disc deal


Are you for real???