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Igenix IG9703 Portable Air Cooler - White £88.43 @ Stuff
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Igenix Portable Air Cooler with Remote Control and LED Display, Oscillation Function for Home or Office Use, White IG9703. Three fan speed settings 7 hour timer setting and th… Read more
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Picked up a damaged box one on amazon warehouse a couple of months ago with a link from here for around £25. Sitting in front of it now on my balcony, 31 degrees but still pumping out a nice cold breeze


Glad i checked here.. I paid £99.99 for one of these from wayfair... Last week.. Loved it so much we have bought another 2 from Stuff.. Saving over £20... Very well built and although not a 'proper' air conditioner, cools the room really well.. We also like the filter... Many thanks vinaythaker. 😁


Worth checking Amazon Warehouse, I picked up a damaged box Pifco one for less than £30 recently.


I brought the mentioned model for £62.69. They have increased the price to 72.


Thanks. Found them. There are a few under £100.

LG 55UK6500PLA 55 INCH UK6500 4K UHD with HDR Smart TV £249.32
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
LG LG 55 INCH UK6500 4K UHD with HDR 55UK6500PLA

I bought it this morning at this price, but they refunded me a few hours later and told me that it was a pricing error. 😡


Probably not and it will still go to 1000 degrees.


Was it ever?


No longer available


gave me page error 404?

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro 15.8 cm (6.21") 8 GB 128 GB Dual SIM Titanium 3000 mAh £226 Delivered @ Stuff-uk
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro 15.8 cm (6.21") 8 GB 128 GB Dual SIM Titanium 3000 mAh £226 Delivered @ Stuff-uk
Only the 4 available, but a very very good new price In-screen fingerprint sensor Fast pressure-sensitive unlocking. Press lightly to unlock. Unlock dreamlike splendor in an ins… Read more

Heat added. You've got to love Xiaomi re bang for your buck


Your knocking the xiaomi 8's out today mate. (y) 🔥🔥


1.31% TCB available as well at Ebuyer


Such a small battery tho :(


Oh, they've must have just reduced that then, there are only 4 in stock here, I suggest you post that before someone else does buddy :)

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S (5.99 inch) 64GB 12MP Smartphone (Black) £189.89 + £5 Postage @ Stuff - UK
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Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S (5.99 inch) 64GB 12MP Smartphone (Black) £189.89 + £5 Postage @ Stuff - UK
Good peice, only 5 available it seems The Mi MIX series is indeed a work of art. The design is internationally recognized, won many international awards, and collected by world-cl… Read more

Thanks as always @MrSwitch!


Have you looked at the mi 9 se? A bit more expensive from amazon for £209, but a great compact choice.


Hey @MrSwitch I need to replace my mum's aging Xiaomi 4X. I got her the Mi A3 a few months back, but she made me return it as it was too large for her. This looks about the right size but is out of stock. Is there any other mid range phone similar in size to the 4X that you would recommend. £100-150 budget +/- Ideally UK sourced, as I'd like to replace it for her quickly Thanks!!


Out of stock


Why is expired?

Ryzen 5 1500x cpu only £72 From Stuff-UK + £5.40 postage
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Ryzen 5 1500x cpu only £72 From Stuff-UK + £5.40 postage
Ryzen 5 1500x cpu only £72 from Stuff-UK postage is £5.40+vat. only 1 available........ #be quick.

links dead, its gone.


I think once the hype dies down, then the price will stabilise, buying one for £115-£120 which I've seen them go for, makes no sense as you can get a Ryzen 5 2600X for £122.


I bought my 1600 AF from CCL. I called them on the 27th December and asked the salesperson to physically check stock for the AFBOX version. He (sorry, I don't remember his name) did so and confirmed they had them in stock, so I placed the order then. Parcel arrived on 31st December and was correct. Box security label reads Part # YD1600BBAFBOX and processor YD1600BBM6IAF, with a production date of 1923SUT. Cost inc. delivery was £90.89. I've yet to buy a motherboard (probably MSI Tomahawk Max), so can't comment on performance yet. I note CCL not longer show any stock but I suggest calling them when stock is available. Hope this is of use to someone.


order it, got 14 days to return.. check Product ref is correct for the AF version, if not return it guys


Thanks, that's what I found. I have an old board knocking about, so I was going to throw a cpu in and get it up and running for the kids, but I'm in no rush. I shall just keep an eye out and see where I get to?

Apple Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 (GPS) - 40 mm - £300.52 @ Stuff-UK
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
Apple Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 (GPS) - 40 mm - £300.52 @ Stuff-UK
Ordered. Hopefully gets delivered. Cheaprest I've found for Series 4.

Good luck. Hope all goes well.


I've ordered but delivery in 2/52 time. hopefully can get it.


Unfortunately I ordered mine and now had an email saying OOS.


mine arrived the next day after ordering and nothing wrong with it. To note: I ordered from laptops direct. The link is in my previous message here


New model might be announced tomorrow.

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Asus Radeon ROG Strix RX 570 (4GB), £98.47 Delivered (Possibly no Games) @ Stuff UK
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Posted 27th Mar 2019Posted 27th Mar 2019
Asus Radeon ROG Strix RX 570 (4GB), £98.47 Delivered (Possibly no Games) @ Stuff UK
I don't know if this comes with the game choice, But if your not worried about them, Or just don't want the hassle of selling them on, Then this could be a good deal. Well, I wasn… Read more

I ordered one too, very happy for the price. I currently have a vega 64 so not a clue what i'm doing but couldn't resist.


Well, It wasn't posted from outside UK, And most stuff on this site is dispatched from outside the UK, Not too sure were your going with that one, And if you have no interested in the games, Which I don't, Then the 26 quid saving over the next cheapest which is the ASRock from CCL makes it a good deal, To me anyway. But my comment wasn't about the product, Just that the first five replies were all negative towards the site from people that appear to have had no dealing with the company at any point on the bases of how the site looked, Witch I also didn't get as the site looked pretty professional and legit to me,Anyway, There site is in my Bookmarks, 3 day delivery is good enough for me.


The problem for me isn't that the item won't arrive, its that the item is dispatched from outside the uk, and may be hard to return it faulty. Plus isnt that good a deal if the games arent included


For me it's a great deal, I'm still running an overclocked Intel 2500k with an R9 280x, I didn't want to throw silly money at an inherently out of date system that I put together some 7 odd years ago, Was looking at the RX580 as I wanted to stay with AMD, But I think it's still overpriced, This for 98 quid is perfect, A good boost over the R9, And could probably knock it out for 50 quid in a years time.


Looks like you got a great deal!

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan £24.48 Delivered @ Stuff UK
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Posted 24th Aug 2018Posted 24th Aug 2018
Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan £24.48 Delivered @ Stuff UK
A great fan, with a very variable price. Seems like it is nearer the bottom end of the price range it has. Bought as it is meant to be good for turbo training with little noise, s… Read more

Too loud and doesn't oscillate


This is great you can hang it on the wall and one fan you don’t need to put away it’s sort of part of my wall now


Oos :/


Got these fans. Fantastic at keeping u cool.. but as others say not that quiet.


Not quiet, but use cross ventilation method and it'll be fantastic. I have a 20" fan similar to this and it's been great over the recent hot weather.

Thule Sleeves/cases/bags for laptops £20.50 @ Stuff
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Posted 21st Jul 2018Posted 21st Jul 2018
Thule Sleeves/cases/bags for laptops £20.50 @ Stuff
UK Mainland Deliveries Collection (£0.00) Saver - up to 5 Days (£2.92 - £4.50) Standard - up to 3 Days (£6.50) Next Working Day Delivery - £9.95 12, 13 and 15 inch versions ava… Read more
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You don't have to leave it in the case but you have the option to do so if you want to drop onto the macbook for a few minutes while you have a quick coffee or whatever. There's nothing stopping you taking it out of the case altogether. Personally I have one of these and a soft case. The sodt case is fine if it's going into a larger bag, but the hard cases provide extra protection if that's all you're carrying. They hold decent residual value on ebay also. Owners of older macbooks note that tge current versions are designed for the current wafer thin macbook pros (the expensive non-upgradable ones with the dodgy keyboards). Owners of older macbooks will need to buyer earlier versions (via ebay etc) as the cases are quite a tight fit for whatever is the current model at the time of manufacture. Great cases if you can get a bargain.


That completely blocks the rear-facing vents on the MacBook Pro! I’d rather take any laptop I’m using out of its case anyway unless it’s one of those snap-on plastic ones.


Thank you, ordered one for dell XPS 15.


A hard sleeve offers more protection and with the gauntlet you can use your laptop while it’s in the case like soThe soft sleeves here also have an extra pouch for accessories etc. compared to the amazon ones.Amazon sleeves get the job done too


I voted hot because it seems a good deal for the branded sleeve.I have this £4.50 when it was in the warehouse deal and £6.99 now. If the Thule had £15.50 worth of extra features I might be tempted but I can't see any.

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Posted 18th Apr 2016Posted 18th Apr 2016
£30 cheaper then ive been able to find elsewere for the best gaming headphones on the market
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these are fully wireless


You'd be better off waiting for the new Tritton Katana's which are due to be released in the next month or two :)


It is a docking station/wireless magnetic charger base which run's optical from the back of your Xbox one and also need to be connected via one of the USB ports. The head set itself is then completely wireless with your controller, I have the PS4 version as it comes with bluetooth and needs a cable to run into the xbox pad for chat OR if you have the older model controller (without the 3.5mm jack built into the Xbone pad), then you will need to buy the headset adapter for it, over all pretty good headset, excellent surround sound and then on top of that it is nice and light too :) I paid 250 for my elites when first released and not sure if I want to blow another 165 just to not use the wire on xbone when I game there but voted hot anyway! Also one ever so slightly annoying thing is as the mic is built into the headset then the other people you play with may find you quieter than normal so speak up if you normally whisper to your team mates/enemies/teabagging victims....


​these are bluetooth


Sounds like the ones I had, although wireless, they still have to be plugged into the controller. Then the docking station has to be plummed into the Xbox (and AC). I remember the old controller add on used to have buttons (and sliders)... then the cable used to have buttons (and sliders) then the headset itself had buttons (and sliders)

verbatim dvd+r dual layer 50 pack £25 + £5 del @ Stuff - Uk
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Posted 8th Mar 2016Posted 8th Mar 2016
verbatim dvd+r dual layer 50 pack £25 + £5 del @ Stuff - Uk
Pack of 50 verbatim dual layer dvd +r disks for £25 plus £5pnp that's still amazing I got 2 lots only paid 1 lot of pnp
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Lol yeah mate so 2005 sorry xbox 360 don't use blu ray


DVDs? How very 2005.


I love these there amazing the site has other deals. So. Check. Them out for other blank media disk deals


Fantastic deal for dual layer Use a lot of these Brilliant reliability and never had any fail in all the years Ive used them Heat added


last time I got these was for xbox games and were around £30 for 25 these are a steal anybody voting cold must not have a clue what these are :-)

Thrustmaster T3PA Pedal Set Add-On for PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox One 4060056 £63.41 C&C / £68.81 delivered @Stuff-uk
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Posted 13th Dec 2015Posted 13th Dec 2015
Thrustmaster T3PA Pedal Set Add-On for PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox One 4060056 £63.41 C&C / £68.81 delivered @Stuff-uk
Found this usually for 69.99-99.99. Its definitely a must upgrade for wanting progessive resistance on their pedals. The typical pedals that come with the budget thrustmaster whe… Read more

Braking is much better. And coming from the T150, the pedals are a massive step up too(and a little step-up from the T300 pedals i'm coming from). It's also nice being able to dip the clutch to light up the tyres if needed.


Worth the extra bit? I'm thinking of getting this and the T150 as the pedals on that one arn't too great


Received mine today. Only ordered yesterday lunchtime with 5 day delivery(£68.81 total). Was a bit unsure as I'd never heard of the company, so paid with paypal just in case. I didn't need to worry. Cheers OP!


Everywhere I looked a few weeks ago was asking for £80+ for this, so £63 is a good price. I'm tempted.


As the OP has stated, this has previously been on sale for £69.99 at various places. Will just have to wait, I'm in no hurry.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter For Windows 10 £17.54 @
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Posted 1st Nov 2015Posted 1st Nov 2015
Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter For Windows 10 £17.54 @
Not as cheap as the game pre order price but currently the cheapest I can find. Good for windows 10 if you want a wireless connection
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Not everyone wants to use a cable, and if you notice lag using the wireless adapter you must be neo from the matrix.


Rather just use my free charger cable and get lagg free gaming as well ;)


I agree with him after all Microsoft did state that it wouldn't work on OS below Windows 10. Obviously there are people out there who doesn't do their research :/ Anyway just ordered this from game, £19.99 and apparently it was going to be shipped 23 minute before I ordered so...well whatever


your just being picky, want me to start posting that a usb port is required and minimum system specs?


Also adding that it doesn't work with Windows 7 or Windows 8 might help even futher. 8)

Thrustmaster T300 GTE racing wheel - £226 w/free shipping @ Stuff-UK
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Posted 1st Oct 2015Posted 1st Oct 2015
Thrustmaster T300 GTE racing wheel - £226 w/free shipping @ Stuff-UK
£226 plus free shipping. Checkout page has a coupon code you check to give free shipping on orders over £100. Says it's valid untill 1st August, but it still works. Found this few… Read more

Yep, does indeed.


Does this come with a normal UK plug?


Heh, cheeky ****. That's my coats.X)


Dirty washing on the bed? Tidy up kid!


Great price, but any idea on how the warranty works on this? Didnt see this place on the official sellers on the thrustmaster site so a little cautious hearing about issues people have had. All I know is that you cant buy it off an auction site like ebay.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" WiFi Tablet - 16 GB, Red £130.94 @
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Posted 31st Dec 2014Posted 31st Dec 2014
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" WiFi Tablet - 16 GB, Red £130.94 @
Red samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 wifi 16gb Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Nooooooooooooo! Stock Count: Product Discontinued - Click arrows for similar product


iv picked the brown one up for £150...argos main store...very good tab, well pleased...wanted the 10in , and this is quality.


You were idiots if you thought that 1p would buy you a tablet and i mean any tablet, including faulty, used or heavily damaged. For that kind of bargain hunters i recommend to forage through the neighbour's bins.


There was no dialogue stating the item was out of stock when I ordeded. In fact there were over 20 pieces. Maybe your system is faulty?


Dear Hot UK Deals Members, I represent Firstly we have been trading in the UK for over 14 years. We are an accredited supplier for many IT manufacturers, like HP, Intel, Microsoft and many more. The 73a High Street address is that of our auditors, Howard Wing and Co a firm of Chartered accountants. Our trading address for the last 5 years is Radiant house, 2 Davis Road, Chessington, KT9 1TT. Whilst we understand that you all love a bargain, sometimes there are glitches in systems that mean that products are displayed for sale when out of stock or at incorrect prices. The 1p tablet is out of stock and and any prospective buyers should have to click through dialogue stating this. All orders have been regrettably cancelled and fully refunded. The Samsung tablet was showing 4 Pcs in stock. Those people that tried to purchase more than 4 of them will be disappointed. We will be shipping 4 to the first 4 purchasers, the rest unfortunately will be cancelled and refunded in full. We have successfully processed and shipped hundreds of orders over the Christmas period and as 7777777 points out we are a legitimate company. Lynsi001 also directs you to the thousands of positive reviews on ekomi. We apologise unreservedly for any inconvenience this may cause you, but rest assured if you have placed an order you will be refunded in full today.

Dicota 10-11.6 in shoulder bag for netbooks. £9.30 @
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Posted 31st May 2014Posted 31st May 2014
Dicota 10-11.6 in shoulder bag for netbooks. £9.30 @
hi Shoulder bag for smaller netbook, and macbook air. price including delivery is £9.30. you can order anything else on same delivery charge. Black colour one is almost 3 times mo… Read more
Sony HD-EG5 External Hard Drive 500GB £27.59 +4.50 P&P
52° Expired
Posted 10th Jan 2014Posted 10th Jan 2014
Sony HD-EG5 External Hard Drive 500GB £27.59 +4.50 P&P
Good price for a USB 3.0 500gb hard drive and a good make too. Just ordered one myself to back up photo's and after a search for HD-EG5 this was the cheapest by a long way hope som… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

yeah same email, pity seemed to good a price. Must be a marketing ploy



Dear Customer, 1 HD-EG5B Sony HD-EG5 External Hard Drive 500GB - Black Thank you for placing an order on our website, which we are currently processing. You may have noticed that the above product that you purchased was low or out of stock. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient product to fulfil your order. We are not expecting further supplies. Whilst we cannot guarantee the new delivery date as we are relying on third parties, we will do our utmost to keep you informed and expedite delivery as soon as possible. If you wish us to cancel your order, or select an alternative product please let us know ASAP.


"Product discontinued" . . .


must have been a misprice as now showing £61.13

HP ProLiant G7 MicroServer Turion II Neo (N54L) £186.70 @
39° Expired
Posted 28th May 2013Posted 28th May 2013
HP ProLiant G7 MicroServer Turion II Neo (N54L) £186.70 @
My first deal, so please be gentle.:))) This server been posted twice today. This is also an exellent price £186.70 Just rang and confirmed that they qual… Read more

they havent taken any cash yet.


Ebuyer cancelling preorders after taking the cash? I wouldn't worry too much as the deal doesn't end until jun 30 so I'm sure there will be more stock or deals by then. They might even come down in price if the rumours of a new G8 version out at the end of jun are true


OOS - looks like ebuyer is cancelling preorders now too - gutted


less then an hour ago


There website says they have -6 in stock.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 Ti Overclocked 2GB 180.58 delivered @ Stuff-UK
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Posted 18th Oct 2012Posted 18th Oct 2012
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 Ti Overclocked 2GB 180.58 delivered @ Stuff-UK
Seems like a really good deal, about same price as the non ti gtx 660 is going for.

The price surprised me, to reiterate Kunyk's call the stated GV-N660OC-2GD manufacturing code unfortunately brings up the non TI version of the card:- - which you can get for £161 (edit - Ballicom have it at that price but with seven day P&P it's £164.43 inc, though if going for the non TI version, my choice would be the OC MSI card, so far)


Good spot if so. Pic is blurry but looks like a ti as well. This is around the right price for a non ti.


GV-N660OC-2GD is not Ti. Ti are GV-N66TOC-3GD GV-N66TOC-2GD cold & fail

Crucial 512GB M4 Slim SSD 7mm @ Stuff-UK £329.77 Delivered
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Posted 1st Jun 2012Posted 1st Jun 2012
Crucial 512GB M4 Slim SSD 7mm @ Stuff-UK £329.77 Delivered
First post and Yes another SSD Been looking for a 512GB SSD and this seems to be a very good price for a Crucial M4

looks like the techdna one has been spammed. The crucial website one must make other sellers bring the price down surely.


Wish the 512GB would drop down to £250 with a transfer kit , Then i would be VERY happy


Just got the Samsung 256gb one for my MacBook pro. Wish this was £200 or less


I paid more than this for a 256SSD only a few months ago - this seems like a great price!


Standard laptop drives are 9.5mm high. Any laptop I've seen uses screws to keep the drive in place so a smaller drive shouldn't make a difference.

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