Stuntman: Ignition (Xbox 360) only £9.96 @ Amazon!

Stuntman: Ignition (Xbox 360) only £9.96 @ Amazon!

Found 16th Feb 2008Made hot 17th Feb 2008
Free delivery for orders £15 or over.
Take on the adrenaline fuelled role of a Hollywood Stuntman as you work for a series of directors over the course of six blockbuster movies. Each film consists of six scenes and in each one of these you will drive a different vehicle, they all handle differently and will take some practice to master. Race through the set completing your directors designated stunts, hit them all to achieve the highest rating but you can miss four before you will be forced to reshoot the scene; this allows you to master your runs and become the greatest stuntman in the business.
Your score as a Stuntman is determined by how well you drive, every time you drive close to an object, gap between objects, drift, go airborne or drive on two wheels you score points.

For each manoeuvre you make you add a number to your multiplier. You have approximately 2.5 seconds from the time you make your first score to add another point to your multiplier, can you link your keep your multiplier going all the way through the level and achieve the highest scores?


£11.92 with postage - I think the price should reflect that as it is just for one item.

If you have Quidco, Game are selling it for £12.99 and you'd get 10% back, making it £11.69, so a marginally better price.

both bargains


if i had one i'd buy it
bargain price for a decent game too

the game is better than expected... obviously make the order up to £15 for free delivery

Good deal voted hot.

Great game, picked it up for £15 in the Janurary sales. Definitely worth a buy and a lot better than the demo suggests.

Personally hated this game, but still a good price.

Gone for this, cheers OP.

Thanks, just got this for £8.50! +rep if i could...

****, bought it 3 days ago whe it was on this site at 12.99

Rubbish game imo

This is great with a couple of mates competing to see who can do the best run. Might not be the most fun on your own though.


****, bought it 3 days ago whe it was on this site at 12.99

E-mail them within 30 days and they will refund the difference. Search the forum for a thread with more info, or see their website for details.

Cheers OP just bagged one for me!
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