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Resevoirs are going low with no rains coming. Free water storing granular for plants on Severn trent website.
23/06/2019Expires on 23/06/2019Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Free Swell Gel details and benefits of the water saving gel: Functional – Dramatically reduces the need for frequent watering Easy to use - Mix evenly with compost bef… Read more
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Don't need it today ,as it's lashing it down here.


There's more free saving water products based on your location to choose from on the website.


or go here and browse what you can get for free and what you can purchase besides looking into home checks


Funny my sister was just asking about this 5mins ago lol forwarded thanks op


says currently out of stock

Water saving freebies @ Severn trent water
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Save water with these freebies and save money too !! I don't know if you have to be a Severn Trent customer to redeem

It worked for me, didn't need to be a customer :)


Hi @jo3hunt it looks as though you do need to be in the severn trent area or a customer to apply. But thanks for sharing it will still help some members :)

Severn Trent Big Difference Scheme. £3.74 a month / 12 mths for qualifying customer
LocalLocalFound 22nd Jul 2015Found 22nd Jul 2015
Received a phone call from my local Citizens Advice and they told me about this scheme. Basically anybody that has a low wage or is out of work can apply as long as you are a Sever… Read more

Shameful comment.


Here here... You tell that bitter un-educated p*i*k!!!


thank you for your effort and time for bringing this to our attention


Respect...and definitly I did not mean every one


I have heard that its there for anyone that is struggling, working or not working, its worth doing if people are struggling, I think everyone deserves some help and this sounds like great scheme :)

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Chrome shower head 99p inc. delivery @ severntrent
Found 24th Mar 2015Found 24th Mar 2015
Chrome shower head with variable spray patterns and saves water use. Lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging, and unique "hygiene control" properties. Shared Via The HUKD … Read more

I got this last time it was on here for 99p and must say its a good bit of kit for the money, it works a bit like a nozzle fire fighters use. Its design is different but I have not noticed any loss of power in fact when turned to a jet it is quite powerful! Saves up to 60% on water to boot so will more than pay for itself if your on a meter! 99p delivered what have you got to loose. And its correct you do have to be in a Severn trent area!


just get the 99p one from 99p stores. gives a good range of spray and has a pause mode too.


Dont bother, got one from them and its rubbish!!


It would cost £22.50 from my local water company. Voted cold.


Tried it and it had to come off straight away. Hardly any pressure compared to the other shower head I got from Argos last year.

Pure Pulse Showerhead - 99p Delivered for severntrent customers
Found 18th Feb 2015Found 18th Feb 2015
Good reviews on Amazon where it's £28.95. For 99p, thought it was worth a try to save water! Limited to 1 per household. Not national - faz1964 YOU NEED TO BE IN SEVERN TRENT CAT… Read more
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Thanks for ordering our showerheads, orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. Call 0835 603 4413 if you have a issues or email


It does say "Please allow up to 28 days for delivery". It's been just over 3 weeks for my order so far, and still waiting. So we'll see.


Hmm, website not available, contact number not active..


Yep, still waiting here. They've taken money but no sign of goods.



Severn Trent Water Freebies
Found 8th Jul 2014Found 8th Jul 2014
So if you're up for saving water and hopefully cutting a few costs within your home, and are with Severn Trent, check out the link. Postage is free to so no extra cost! To help… Read more

Shower save not compatible with all types of shower (especially electric ones) as it can cause pressure increases in the unit that'll trip the unit - no good if you're in it at the time!


No, the shower save is free, not the shower heads.


The show head is still free


The shower heads used to be free and the free items are just gimmicks which can either be made from general household items or are a waste of time/energy.

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Free water saving products
Found 24th Oct 2013Found 24th Oct 2013
Water products for free on behalf of severn trent water and they are very helpful. Plus its free so you cant really complain

If you're a family with kids, be careful with the water meter as you'll probably use more water than your current rates. For couples or single people, it's perfect to keep the bills down :)


ordered thanks


Thanks sohail94 I can't get them so I tried my water company and found freebies on there for me so voted hot thanks.


No problem mate :)


Def need this- just realised i am paying £96 per month! Going on a meter so this will help. Thank u

water saving kit for Severn Trent Customers.
LocalLocalFound 14th Feb 2013Found 14th Feb 2013
One only per household for Severn Trent Customers. save a flush timer tap inserts shower inserts
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worked for me thanks op


are you a 7 Trent customer ?




thanks order placed and acknowledged Worcestershire (_;)


keep getting that message Your delivery address is not valid for the campaign you are ordering from.

Free Single Setting Shower Head for Severn Trent customers
Found 2nd Jul 2012Found 2nd Jul 2012
One only per household for Severn Trent Customers. Save water with this stylish shower head without losing the experience of a great shower. This shower head will work with pumped… Read more

How long did it take to arrive?


Where's the pic please?


You're welcome.


You're welcome.


You're welcome. Glad you received it. Isn't it great?

Free water saving kit @ Severn trent water
Found 16th Nov 2011Found 16th Nov 2011
A Regional deal I'm afraid, but might be worth checking with your local water board for similar offers. Various water saving ideas free from severn Trent water. Including a showe… Read more

I the showerhead via Severn Trent Water and it's fab!! Love it. Never thought I'd like it better than my previous one. Our previous showerhead which we bought with our new shower unit you can adjust the type of spray and its volume etc. Although you can't adjust the force/type of spray on the free showerhead its volume and delivery of water is very good. Worth ordering it to see for yourself. You won't lose anything as it's free and no postage and packaging costs. Nice to be able to order a useful item after years of paying those water rates! Can always revert back to your previous one if it's not to your liking. Heat!!


Thank You :)


same as me my egg timer goes for 10 minutes sort of thing u find in a christmas cracker


Egg timer they sent me is faulty and is still running 15 mins later


i sent away for this few weeks ago and i am in a welsh water area they still sent it to me so still try if u outside the water placement area

Severn Trent Water - Free Water Saving Stuff for Customers
Found 18th Oct 2011Found 18th Oct 2011
Having seen some of the free things that other water companies have been giving away for the winter, I took a look at Severn Trent and found they also have a few useful free things… Read more

Sorry, I know they're free, but its just the usual selection of pointless rubbish to show how 'environmentally conscious' they are: a valve that saves water by reducing your shower to a trickle, an egg timer, a padded bag to stick in your cistern.....please!!!!! If they were actually serious about this as opposed to being obligated to do it, they might actually offer something worthwhile.:(


Has been posted before and theres one for every water company some of them better than others.


I thought that was a retro logo. Turns out it's their current one.

Severn Trent Water Saving Pack
Found 8th Jun 2011Found 8th Jun 2011
Completely free water saving items for Severn Trent Customers-You just tick how many you want and they send them to you. Particularly like the shower timer-very useful if you have … Read more
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because this freebie is crap! states that it doesnt alter your water pressure but as jagoy said the pressure goes right down, I dont want to stand under a dripping tap. I like to stand in my power shower for hours!


How can anything free go cold? Lol


Got me a free timer How can people vote cold on free stuff! HEAT!


they could always knock the price of their water down a bit


Thank you! Ordered the timer on the last occassion, really good, makes me get out earlier!

Free Water Saving Pack @ Severn Trent Water Ltd
Found 11th Apr 2011Found 11th Apr 2011
Severn Trent Water free water saving pack. Simply select the items you want from the list below, complete the form on the following page and you'll receive the pack in the post. O… Read more

Lol i just had all mine come,i order 6 lot`s all with my name on and 6 diffrent addys the postman,had to lafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


ShowerSave Save-A-Flush For Household Use Tap Inserts Twin Pack - with Special Fitting Tool Four Minute Shower Timer Water Audit Leaflet - Severn Trent Water

Free Fat Trap @ Seven Trent Water
Found 8th Feb 2011Found 8th Feb 2011
Collect kitchen fats, oils and greases in a container and dispose of them in the bin says there is a wait for them to be delivered.

Cheers...ordered. If it is such a simple device, maybe you should have come up with it and you could retire...why don't I think of these things!!!


Great .....ordered Cheers




thanks :D


Isn't this just a cardboard box with a plastic bag in it? Well there's marketing for you.

Free Fat Trap from Severn Trent Water
Found 4th Mar 2010Found 4th Mar 2010
Order a Fat Trap for your home by completing the form . Fat Traps are suitable to collect any cooled kitchen fat you produce in the home. Our free fat trap offer is only available… Read more

i got mine today, its a cardboard box with an inner plastic bag to catch the fat.....quite nifty for nowt! Same basis as using an empty margerine tub or what ever you have lying about.....voted hot coz it came fast! :thumbsup:


Just ordered one. If it's anything like the shower timer they did.. I live in Northumberland and I got one so I'm trying for one of theese. Thanks for the post

FREE E.ON ShowerSave with Severn Trent
Found 29th Jan 2010Found 29th Jan 2010
As part of Severn Trent Water's commitment to water and energy efficiency, Severn Trent Water is working with E.ON to offer every household a FREE E.ON ShowerSave to help you reduc… Read more

Got one of these - USELESS! does the same as turning the taps down a bit and thats it! not suitable for an electric / power shower obviously.


Thank you :thumbsup:


Does this work on Mira showers or only the old fashioned type nobody has anymore?


Thanks, applied. H&R added.


Bargain ;)

FREE Branded Four Minute Shower Timer For Severn Trent Area Customers
Found 18th Jan 2010Found 18th Jan 2010
FREE Branded Four Minute Shower Timer For Severn Trent Area Customers - i'm not one of them - but i guess there are some on here. Just spotted it posted as a freebie on MSE. Save… Read more
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4 minutes? Anyone who uses this is must be a stinky minger.... :)


4 minutes in shower?!


The only problem with these is that you'll end up using it as an egg timer instead. I have one stuck to the fridge :)


Just ordered, nice find

Free Save a flush, Cistern bag, Totally FREE off Severn trent
Found 7th Jan 2010Found 7th Jan 2010
No obligation to buy anything else you can just order this off the website completely free. Save-a-Flush is an environmentally friendly way to use 1 litre less water every time yo… Read more
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One of these wrecked my cistern...they are for the bigger and older ones not the more eco smaller ones


got 2 last time and they work a treat!


Got these a while back. Whilst I agree you do sometimes have to flush twice to remove everything, that is more than made up for by the reduction in water usage every other time. So even allowing for the occasional double flush you're still saving water.


The crystals for these are great for your plants, they are the same stuff as the expensive water retention granules and great too for starting seedlings, especially for hydroponics set ups (and no hydro is not just for the "herb")


Also, don't forget, "When it's yellow, let it mellow. When it's brown, flush it down" is even more effective than one of these. Though your other half may not appreciate your efforts to save the planet...