Stylish Samsung Pleomax K-300 Multimedia Keyboard - White/Orange or Glossy Piano Black - Only £5.20 Delivered *use code ORANGE20 at checkout* @ Orange Accessories
Stylish Samsung Pleomax K-300 Multimedia Keyboard - White/Orange or Glossy Piano Black - Only £5.20 Delivered *use code ORANGE20 at checkout* @ Orange Accessories

Stylish Samsung Pleomax K-300 Multimedia Keyboard - White/Orange or Glossy Piano Black - Only £5.20 Delivered *use code ORANGE20 at checkout* @ Orange Accessories

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Thanks to mkins99 for the code

Designed for comfort and style, the Pleomax K-300 multimedia keyboard is slim and ergonomic. The keyboard is quick and easy to set-up simply, plug it into your computers USB port and it's ready for use. In order to improve productivity and maximise comfort the keyboard has low set keys which ensure your wrists remain in a natural position for a comfortable typing experience. The stylish keyboard has dedicated multi-media keys for you to instantly access and control your media. Add a touch of class to your desk with the stunning Pleomax K-300 multimedia keyboard.

slim, compact design
low-level keys
multimedia keys
full sized number pad
USB interface
Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Should almost certainlybe Mac OSX compatible too.


is this a UK or US layout/ The picture above looks like a US?

Original Poster

UK based company so one would naturally assume that this would be UK issue.

Probably a stock photo.

Just ordered two (one White; one Black)

It doesn't show for Windows 7 .... will it still be compatible, nice find op btw

Can't find reviews for it

It will be compatible yes, as a side-note i'm having a problem ordering. anyone else have this?

Yes problems ordering here too. Keeps on saying...

Your transaction was not successful
An error occured.

Just ordered! Hot!

PLEOMAX 300 - sounds like an 1990's lady entertaining unit

Considering one of these as a back-up / replacement for my Logitech "ultra flat" keyboard. The lack of reviews for it is quite annoying though, anyone know if it's decent? I usually go for black, but the white/orange combo looks pretty good..


PLEOMAX 300 - sounds like an 1990's lady entertaining unit




my sincere apologies.


my sincere apologies.


nice find,perfect 4 a backup unit.

Went ahead and ordered as it's a good price, and Samsung are generally of decent quality. thanks OP.

EDIT: Received the error message others were getting.
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Looks American, only difference I've found on my American Lappy is the " and @ and no £ or if you know where they are just setting it to U.K will put everything more or less where it should be anyway..

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Noticed there was a 10% voucher that was expired called 'orange10' so I typed in 'ORANGE20' and it gave me 20% off!
Price now £5.20 with delivery

I ordered one. Went through. At what point are others getting this error message? (I ordered the white one)

Error just after the Visa verified screen, says 'payment being processed', then 30 secs later, the error message.
Might just be visa cards then? anyone else used a different card with success?

EDIT - strangely, went through fine second time. I think the payment server is a bit touchy about latency after you hit the submit order button.
Edited by: "wirdy" 20th Apr 2011

Error after visa screen here too

ordered no problems. heated

Just tried ordering one - got the same error as everyone else. Chrome also says the https connection is not trusted.

Orange are a bunch of monkeys

need to enter address using the 'find address' button and leave it as is - least that worked for me (and i was receiving the error previously)

Mine just worked using internet explorer after failing through chrome. Discount code needs to be entered using capitals i.e. ORANGE20. Good deal, thanks for posting.

I eventually used IE9 and left the found address even though it was wrong (Belfast in County Londonderry). Every other combination produced the error.

Thanks OP they seem great value .

I use firefox and ammended the address myself. I have a VISA card and entered my VISA password fine. The whole thing went through ok. I do hate it when payments dont appear to go through or there is a failure like this one cos u never know if they have actually taken the money. You keep trying to order and just get debited again and again. Had that happen before now on other sites

Must be a SSL certificate prob in chrome, lmao...

2 for a tenner, made up.

****...20% off code missed through not hitting refresh.
Should have been 2 for £8 delivered....ah well...

Not chrom, ive tried ipad and IE neither work, even after trying everything above and some.
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Ordered 2 white and 1 glossy black for my better half. You can never have enough keyboards, especially for £3.20 each!
The 20% off code worked fine, I was using Firefox for the transaction.

Thanks OP, heat added!

Ordered 2 with code. Thanks Op

can not order either, it just says unable to process:-((

Not that I was needing a new keyboard (or two) but I ordered one of each with the code no problem. excellent for £8.40

Was going to order, but saw the site and realised who this is. After all the trouble I had with these muppets when there was some deal with a printer a good while back, I wouldn't use them again.

In fact, based on their past history on here it'll be interesting to see if these actually go through or just get cancelled, leaving people having nightmares trying to get their money refunded!
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Great find. I needed a new keyboard so ordered one of each :-)
Had problems ordering but went through on third attempt - mastercard.
Had to leave address lookup exactly as it found it, as mentioned by someone else.

Those that ordered...have you received a confirmation email?

Just keep getting this...

Your transaction was not successful
Payment was not approved by bank. incorrect address/postcode

WTH! help guys!!!!!! money is getting deducted from my bank account but i can never make it past the payment details section!
It says transaction didn't go well but then i open my bank account and notice money is getting deducted!!!!! twice now what the **** should i do?
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