Sub o g lightweight suitcases £10 off at matalan! Medium now £35 only weighs 2kg 10 year guarantee

Sub o g lightweight suitcases £10 off at matalan! Medium now £35 only weighs 2kg 10 year guarantee

Found 3rd Apr 2012
Went in to Matalan today to get a suitcase and noticed the sub o g have £10 off! I've looked at these for a while because they also have a 10 year guarantee. I spoke to the manager who told me that if there are any problems if I bring it back to store with receipt they will give me a new one and they sort out the guarantee which I thought was good.
There is also 10% student discount so I managed to get 2 of the medium cases for £61. Not sure if there are any other discount codes for online.
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How do you get the student discount instore, without stating the obvious :-)
Good spot. Hot btw :-)
BEWARE GATWICK. My large one of these lasted 2 flights and on the homeward leg of the second, the outer layer was ripped when I took it off the conveyor belt.
The guarantee specifically excludes damage at airports. Great idea but, not strong enough.
Then you claim at the baggage claims department for a new bag, they have insurance as they have damaged your property.
I have the medium, been Egypt and morocco so far and no issues.
This is the standard price at B&M though.
Maybe a good price, but the wheels and feet stick out too much to last several flights of baggage handling. And coming back from a flight you don't want to be hanging around claims.
They're ugly, looks like my nans old shopping trolley!
They have loads of different styles in store. Patterns and plain. I used my nus card so if you know someone who has one you can get them to use it in store for you just need the code to use it online. I was just looking at the receipt and the 10% came off the whole price not just the promotion price which made them £30.50 each for me (then I had a £1 voucher). For £30 with 10 year guarantee that matalan will sort out and just replace straight away for me , I'm happy! They're not the prettiest you can get but they're practical and compared to my old case that was bigger, held less and weighed 4.5kg on its own its a good case. My local b&m did not have them this cheap I checked beforehand they worked out more and I would have had to sort the guarantee out myself if any issues.
I have bought one of these sub cases because it was so light. I bought the larger size. Going to Italy at the end of August, so i will let you know how mine gets on with the baggage handlers. I saw a Kipling case on QVC, it was expensive but looked much sturdier.
Are these still £35 at Matalan? Their website suggests otherwise but it could be instore only. I don't want to go down to the store (about 8 miles away) to find the deal is off.
I don't think the offer's on any more
Does anyone know if this is an acceptable size for cabin luggage on Ryanair please?
Yeah I was in yesterday , the deals still on if u have a matalan card, which you have to in order to buy anything from there anyway
My suitcase broke after only using it a couple of times. Sub-G sent me a pole that was too long and told me to cut it and fit it myself and Matalan weren't in the least bit interested in helping. The 10 year guarantee isn't worth the paper its written on.
I took my lightweight case back to Matalan as the zip was faulty, I have had it two years and I love it, They said that it was only guaranteed with them for one year and I had to email the suppliers I thought hear we go, Any way I emailed the suppliers sent photos of the case and receipt on Monday and on Thursday a new case arrived I am very happy with the service .
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