Sub Zero luggage from £25 at Asda

Sub Zero luggage from £25 at Asda

Found 29th Apr 2012
Asda are selling these really lightweight suitcases at £25 for small, £30 for medium, and £35 for large. Topcashback available too.
They also have a 10 year guarantee.

Free delivery to store.


Thanks, want 3 medium ones, and next best I could find was Argos @ £35 each.

Great cases for carry on (small). I would be concerned about their strength/durability for hold luggage though.

read the reveiws on Argos for a feel of what they are like. seem to be good, but as always just depends on how the are treated by baggage handlers! but saying that, I know acouple of people who spent over £200 on hard cases, to have them come back after the first visit with a big crack in them!

Are these the cases that are supposed to be the lightest in the world - my cousin had some and told me this tale ?!?!??

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Yes they are. I bought 2 of the large ones. They weigh just over 2 kgs each.

Still in stock online at asda direct but large is now 37.99

Those wheels don't look terribly sturdy. Can this hold 10kgs?
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