Subbuteo Dream Team Stadium - £14.98 Delivered
Subbuteo Dream Team Stadium - £14.98 Delivered

Subbuteo Dream Team Stadium - £14.98 Delivered

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Amazon have now reduced the price of the Subbuteo Dream Team Stadium to only £14.98 with free supersaver delivery!

Only the most prestigious venue could host a match of this intensity, and it's right here!
The Dream Team Stadium provides perfect playing conditions with a flat, tensioned pitch, 3D architecture and suspended scoreboard.

The ultimate flick football experience is in your hands, victory is at your fingertips! Subbuteo Dream Team Stadium brings the thrill of international football to your tabletop.

Bit of a wait on this unfortunately (Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks) but well worth it!!
- steveuk


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WOW!! You have no idea how much I would have loved this when I was about 12, awesome :thumbsup:

Oh to be ten years old again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

voted hot.

Voted hot, purely for the memories. lol.

Used to love this when i was around 8-10ish Think my younger brother (aged seven) paid something like £30 for this so definitely voted hot!

Think I read somewhere (here?) that 4-6 weeks usually means they don't have it, nor ever will. Maybe just kept open for a placefiller. Still, they don't charge until they ship, so maybe you will get lucky. Basically, I wouldn't buy it for a present any time soon!


I would've loved this when I was a youngster too. I bought it for my football loving 9 year old last christmas and he's hardly touched it.

Oh well, that's what happens when you've got an XBOX, PSP and PC.;-)

Subbuteo i never really understood all the fuss


Not my thing, but a great price! Thanks steveuk :thumbsup:

I'm sure if you get into it the gameplay is terrific, but the one thing that's always astonished me about it is just how completely low quality and cheap every thing feels. I'd be intersted to find out the manufacturing costs. Then again, probably better off not knowing. ;-)

Gameplay lol -- your flicking pieces of plastic


Gameplay lol -- your flicking pieces of plastic

Yeah, you have to pinch yourself to remind you that you're not playing the real thing.
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