Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch £294.95 @ Firebox
Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch £294.95 @ Firebox

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch £294.95 @ Firebox

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You know those ads where the likes of Ronaldinho and Henry get to show off their fancy footwork whilst battling it out within the confines of a small playing area? Well now you can do the same thing with your mates via the brilliant Subbuteo Inflatable Soccer Pitch.

A distant relative of the bouncy castle in football pitch form, this ingenious blow-up enclosure is ideal for four-man kickabouts in the back garden. Simply plug in its ?-powerful pump and the entire shebang - goalposts, pillars and all - inflates in about 30 seconds. Even Sir Alex on full hairdryer mode couldn't manage that! Indeed it's so simple to erect we can't understand why the slowcoaches at Wembley haven't gone down the inflatable route.

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch Once word gets out you've got a Subbuteo Inflatable Soccer Pitch everyone will want to pop round for a close quarters kickabout. Measuring 20ft x 12ft there's enough room inside this squishy enclosure for 4 adults (c'mon, you didn't think it was for kids, did you?). We suppose you could squeeze in a few extra friends, but seeing as you'll need a bit of space to pull off those fancy nutmegs we suggest you refrain from full-on pitch invasions.

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch With a Subbuteo Inflatable Soccer Pitch you can live out your footballing fantasies without suffering the intolerable stress brought about by a seven figure salary and the constant attention of Z-list starlets. You can even give yourself a suitably rubbery pseudonym: Vinyl Messi and Ruud Van Bouncytoy are currently practising penalties in the newly-christened Bernaboing we've inflated in the back garden here at Firebox FC!

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch Showing off your footballing prowess is easy with this attention grabbing arena; members of the opposite sex will flock to your mini tournaments in order to check out your ball control. And thanks to sturdy netting between all the pillars and posts they won't get a faceful of football every time you give it some welly.

With the beautiful game currently enjoying unparalleled levels of popularity we reckon this fantastic footballing accessory is going to move faster than a Steven Gerrard volley. So don't be indecisive like Ron "either side could win it or it could be a draw" Atkinson. Order your Subbuteo Inflatable Soccer Pitch now. Back of the net!


This is genius - dont forget your £5 off people !!



How can anyone vote this cold?

Imagine being a kid and having this!


Heat added.

this looks class pitty I don't have the room :-(

tsttoys.com/cat…926 £288 with free delivery, though granted have never heard of company before.

Firebox are a good company but wouldnt say they ever do any good deals, if you can find stuff elsewhere then its normaly a few quid cheaper

looks gd.... could take it to the beach too in the summer, could also play volly ball too

I bought 2. (Seriously, I did)

Thats got to be the best present anyone could get :lol:

If only I had the room and it was a little bigger :-(
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