Subscribe to Radio Times and receive  complete 'Life on Mars' Series 1 DVD

Subscribe to Radio Times and receive complete 'Life on Mars' Series 1 DVD

Found 24th Feb 2008
In RT this week (date on cover 23-29 Feb) page 58. Subscribe to RT for 26 issues delivered to your door for £30 and you get the complete Life on Mars series one on DVD. There's also a money back guarantee that you may cancel at any time and receive a full refund on outstanding issues. If you go online, enter the code RTP0908 (that's what it says to do in RT) or call the hotline 0844 848 9729. Come on folks, this must be hot!


Changed the merchant to "subscribe online" as that is who your link actually goes to, and added an image. Thanks

Not for me but hot none the less

Great series, I can't recommend it enough.

Can you definitely keep the DVD set if you cancel? Is there any small print that says you have to send it back?:?

u can get the same deal if u sign up to lovefilm , offer was in last weeks daily star

From 16/02/08 Page 25 The Star or somthin 'Free' Life on Mars BOx DVD set series 1 ~ Need to register at Love film for trial of 30 days and claim before March 1 2008. To claim go to [url][/url] and quote ref DSLMLV when signing up.:thumbsup:

Sorry on just remembered seeing this last week when i was in Borders lookin at the Sunday papers, i dont know if it will work and sorry if its been posted before. This was also mentioned on MSE.

I am positive that this deal has already been listed in the last few days, but couldn't find it? Anyway, gets heat from me! :thumbsup:

It will only work with Lovefilm if you haven't already had a trial subscription with them- which rules me out and quite a few other people I suspect!

I'd like to do the Radio Times thing but I would definitely cancel the subscription after I've taken it out and just keep the DVD. Does anyone know if you can do this? If someone has the current issue with the offer in it, if they could have a look at any t's & c's about any mention of having to send the DVD back after you cancel- I'd be most grateful!!

Many thanks.

It's worth pointing out that it costs you £4 more to get the RT through the post (it would be £26 for 26 issues rather than £30 if you pick it up in the shops as we do).
£4 for Life on Mars is still a good deal but not precisely free.

Thanks, good find, voted hot.

I already subscribe to this so sadly cannot take advantage of this offer.
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