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Windows 10 Professional £39.99, Home £29.99 from PC Pro Software Store
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 15th SepPosted 15th Sep
Buy Windows 10 Professional 1-PC retail license for £39.99 here , or Windows 10 Home 1-PC retail license for £29.99 here . Same deal, previously posted on here, has expired - web… Read more

Can you confirm where that quote you used is from in your previous post? I can't find it in the court judgment. What I do read in the judgment doesn't invalidate what I've said. MAK/KMS - The average end user won't be able to activate Windows/Office with KMS. That's why MAK keys are used by 'grey market' resellers.


They did and it is when buying volume licensing or possibly subscription based licencing with MSDN Technet or Visual Studio. Would be very old hat if you were using MAK keys rather than a key management store with Volume licencing. Further, MAK keys on those subscriptions have changed beyond all recognition in the last 20 years. You can not be talking either the Volume licencing as the installation for that is not openly available. That is not to be confused with Retail and OEM licencing that is the context here and the installation is freely available to download. The EU ruling is detailed here: https://curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/docs/application/pdf/2012-07/cp120094en.pdf Specifically the nitty gritty is made here: "Under that directive, the first sale in the EU of a copy of a computer program by the copyright holder or with his consent exhausts the right of distribution of that copy in the EU. A right holder who has marketed a copy in the territory of a Member State of the EU thus loses the right to rely on his monopoly of exploitation in order to oppose the resale of that copy" "Where the copyright holder makes available to his customer a copy – tangible or intangible – and at the same time concludes, in return form payment of a fee, a licence agreement granting the customer the right to use that copy for an unlimited period, that right holder sells the copy to the customer and thus exhausts his exclusive distribution right. Such a transaction involves a transfer of the right of ownership of the copy. Therefore, even if the licence agreement prohibits a further transfer, the right holder can no longer oppose the resale of that copy." So the salient points are: Did the manufacturer agree to its use and take monies for it - yes Is windows s/w - yes is it made available freely to download - yes is the period of time for use limited - no Can the right holder oppose to that copy being resold - no At least within the EU and the UK at present.


Interestingly, the court confirmed that splitting licences, which is what many key sellers do (using MAK keys), is copyright infringement. Do you have a URL for your quote?


No, because it doesn't! I absolutely will admit if shown wrong, I have zero problem with that. The right to use 'OEM software' is exhausted after it's first use as per Microsoft's T&C that have been agreed to. Whether the licence is resold or not, which this ruling concerns, is irrelevant. There is no right to use the software on a different system. I believe the ruling doesn't dispute this (I've just looked at it together with some legally qualified opinions); it deals with resale. If I'm wrong then please explain why Microsoft's OEM terms are as they are. Perhaps you're more legally qualified than them? "OEM Software may NOT be transferred to another machine. Even if the original laptop, PC or server is no longer in use, or if the software is removed from the original hardware, the OEM licenses are tied to the device on which the software is first installed. As long as the license and device remain together, there is no limit to the number of times they may be transferred from one user to another. When transferring a PC to a new end user, the software media, manuals (if applicable), and Certificate of Authenticity label should be included. It is also advisable to include the original purchase invoice or receipt. The original end user cannot keep any copies of the software." source


the goal post and your false statements were these two: "(i) there's no right for that OEM key to work" followed by "1) The OEM licence lives and dies with the first computer it is applied to. " Microsofts own site confirming this be false: "JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (Grand Chamber) According to the decision of the European Court (Curia) of Justice on the 3rd of july in 2012, (C-128/11.) the sale of software is permitted even without the physical transport of the medium (CD/DVD/Pendrive). The transfer of the used license activation keys is permitted, furthermore the sale, transfer of the unused software licenses is legal regardless of whether the software license is on a medium or online license activation key. The software company shall not prevent the further sale of its license, and usage of its software, including OEM, DSP and ESD versions. The software company’s copyright is exhausted when its software has been sold for the first time. The individual sale of Volume License and the trading of online transferable licenses are permitted. (C-128/11., EU 2001/29/EG, 28., 2009/24/EK)" enough proof yet to place your hands up and say you were wrong?

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 £149 / Home and Student 2019 £79 @ PC Pro
01/10/2020Expires on 01/10/2020Posted 11th SepPosted 11th Sep
Found offer in October 2020 issue of PC Pro. Best price I can find around for a GENUINE licence of Office 2019 that’s perpetual. Ideal if you don’t want to pay annual fees for Offi… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Downloaded it from the Microsoft website and my code was accepted and get updates no problem.


Thanks for your comments everyone - interesting views. Disappointed this has gone cold to be honest. This is a good price for what it is. If you’d rather take the risk with eBay that’s up to you, or there are free alternatives if that’s what you want. But if you do want an outright copy of Office 2019 for one device, this is a good deal in my mind. I don’t vote down good deals on whisky just because there are cheaper alternatives - they aren’t the same!


I always thought most of the keys on eBay were from some kind of volume licences / technet subscription or perhaps an unscrupulous pc builder buying masses of codes. Whatever the source they are indeed legit keys but their purchase and usage is much less legit. I'm not judging anyone for using them, go ahead, and you're unlikely to have problems as I'm sure Microsoft have bigger fish to fry (plus a tenner lost is hardly the end of the world). This is a good deal for a retail key. The windows 10 is a great deal too. (y)




I really couldn't care less fella,, I'm done with replying to you

Windows 10 Professional (1-PC, unlimited lifetime licence, non OEM) digital download - £39.99 @ PC Pro
2270° Expired
Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Go guilt free with a non OEM digital download copy of Windows 10 Professional from what should be a reputable seller. Similar product currently £185.84 on ebuyer - i'll let you be … Read more

Not for profit copyright infringement is a civil offence not a criminal one anyway so your only liability is the actual licence cost should Microsoft pursue you. Which they wont.


By this point MS are basically allowing it with their silence. They don't care so why should anyone else? They could easily crack down on it but they don't.


Yes, it’s legitimate for one PC at a time - I think there was a big EU ruling about this. If you’re using it for Windows 10 for the first time It should activate without any intervention, I’ve not had to ring them before when using a key like this.


Its activation support. And its an automated voice not an actual person you speak to. If Windows 7 keys couldn't be activated and licence transferred anymore a big hoopla would have been made about it as a lot of people still use it.


Are Microsoft really going to offer phone support for Windows 7 Pro in 2020 though?

6 months subscription to PC Pro magazine @ PC Pro
-57° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
6 months subscription to PC Pro magazine @ PC Pro£21.56£35.9440%
If you like tech magazines, just found this Black Friday offer on their website. It's 40% off and comes to about £3.50 per issue. There's also a free gift if you get an annual subs… Read more

what ads?


Try blocking those ads!

Free toolkit for £1 subscription to PC Pro. (3 issues)
356° Expired
Posted 26th Apr 2018Posted 26th Apr 2018
Free toolkit for £1 subscription to PC Pro. (3 issues)
PC PRO have this super offer where you can get 3 issues for £1 and they'll throw in a free 15-piece toolkit. Toolkit includes: 1m tape measure Spirit level An assortment of screw… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Canceled today (after receiving 3 issues for £1) and the answer I got was " I can confirm that I have cancelled your subscription on its expiry with the issue dated 5th January 2019 and no further payments will be taken." Sounds like I'm liable for another 6 months?! I've already canceled the direct debit as well.


Got mine today actually not a bad tool


I got a lot of unsolicited marketing communications from many companies to my home address and the email I used to sign up for similar PCPro magazine subscriptions, so use a throwaway email address at least!


I'd suggest not visiting the site from the HOTUKDeals link, as some people have been stating that they might not honour the deal because of "abuse." Simply google the name of the magazine, and go from there. Also, for the same price you can also get the digital version of the magazine for iPhone/iPad, as well as the physical copy & toolset at the same £1 offer.


Thanks. Was a big fan of the PC Pro podcast but they seem to have ended it... Shame. Loved their magazine but I'm to since they were taken over many of the top people left. I guess magazines is a dying thing now.

Subscription to PC Pro, the latest news, reviews, and advice at 50% OFF - £35.94
-148° Expired
Posted 18th Jan 2018Posted 18th Jan 2018
Subscription to PC Pro, the latest news, reviews, and advice at 50% OFF - £35.94£35.94
PC Pro Magazine Subscription is currently in their January Sale. If you are into your computers, general Technology, software this is a rather good magazine. I might renew my subs… Read more

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? £35,94 for a magazine of 'find the out of date article' amongst the advertisements - I'll give this a pass. Not voted

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Try 3 issues of PC Pro for just £1
-4° Expired
Posted 14th Aug 2015Posted 14th Aug 2015
Try 3 issues of PC Pro for just £1£1
PC PRO specialise in insight: what's the best technology to buy for home and business. War stories from IT consultants. What impact the latest developments will have (and what the … Read more

Derbyshire in my case but I know other authorities do this too link


Your local library?


Just make sure you cancel your D/D ASAP ! Last week they charged me £24.99 for the next 6 issues, when the second of my 3 trial issues had only just arrived the previous day ! After several emails they have now agreed to refund me - but it has not been easy !


I get it free in Zinio using the service the library provides. Complements the podcast they do quite nicely but I'm not sure I'd want to pay for it any more - I think some of the large US blogs more knowledgeable and cutting edge these days.


Good job you were'nt around over 2000 years ago in Bethlem you would have been really pi__ed of with two of the three free gifts three characters had!

3 Issues of PC Pro & a free toolkit £1
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Posted 31st May 2015Posted 31st May 2015
3 Issues of PC Pro & a free toolkit £1£1
Bargain deal, can't go wrong for a £1.

You can still get the offer without the toolkit (I've got 3 already! :) ) https://dennis.subscribeonline.co.uk/subscriptions/pc-pro-print-digital-edition?promoOfferCode=N1406BXMAD&_ga=1.80852692.25175086.1433139413


Bought mine about 10 years ago (yeah, a decade) using the same deal. Still going strong.


Just use the link by choc still working http://subscribe.custompc.co.uk/


Can still call 0844 844 0083 to get the offer.


Toolkit dont look to bad - we paid £4 for one and still using it used other link and it worked fine

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013 free from PC Pro
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Posted 15th Nov 2013Posted 15th Nov 2013
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013 free from PC Pro
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013 is a compact, simple, but surprisingly feature-packed disc burning suite. The program makes it easy to create simple data discs and audio CDs, for ins… Read more

Is this a new version?


This software is always being given away by Ashapoo for some reason, does anybody actually buy a license for it? X)

EXPIRED PC Pro magazine, 3 issues for £1 & OK 26 piece toolkit free
-19° Expired
Posted 19th Aug 2013Posted 19th Aug 2013
EXPIRED PC Pro magazine, 3 issues for £1 & OK 26 piece toolkit free£1
EXPIRED - if its done through the HUKD link then its offering the error mentioned by LucyFerror - however it still works fine if accessed via the http://www.pcpro.co.uk/ site. 3 i… Read more

Go to deal link works fine for me. Heat given.


Expired - if its done through the HUKD link then its offering the error mentioned by LucyFerror - however it still works fine if accessed via the http://www.pcpro.co.uk/ site.


It worked for me... The T&Cs say you can only have one trial at a time, do you have one running now or recently with the same card/address?


Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 8440053 Lol

3 issues of PC Pro for £1 with free earphones
79° Expired
Posted 7th May 2013Posted 7th May 2013
3 issues of PC Pro for £1 with free earphones£1
Just cancel after first debit order went off.... For years, PC Pro magazine has been a vital source of IT news, reviews and tests for the experienced and professional PC user. It… Read more

Just received 1st sub issue, no DVD is included any more, sub cancelled.Did not get the earphones as well..


Bit slow there...come on keep up to speed(_;)


According to their websitem, yes they do still ship with a DVD. Unless you buy the digital download version (obviously)


Do they still do the DVD with mag? Computer shopper stopped at start of year giving the DVD with mag, hence cancelled sub


They get good reviews in that PC Pro magazine... oh wait :{

Try PC Pro with 3 issues for just £1
-39° Expired
Posted 6th Apr 2013Posted 6th Apr 2013
Try PC Pro with 3 issues for just £1£1
This is my first posting, so go easy on me. Stumbled on this special offer 3 issues of PC Pro for just £1 and get free 26 piece toolkit. If you don't like it, cancel at any time, a… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Heat added, thanks OP


oo no, why cold? offer still stands-get toolkit and 3 issues for a £1!? just remember to cancel before 3 months if magazine is not for you.


It still works if you use this link: http://dennis.subscribeonline.co.uk/Subscription/pc-pro-dvd?offerCode=N0712XMAD&personalSubscription=true I just did it


"Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053." Expired.


standard offer.

3 issues of PC PRO for £1
-140° Expired
Posted 10th Mar 2013Posted 10th Mar 2013
3 issues of PC PRO for £1£1
3 issues of PC PRO for £1. Free £26 toolkit. Print + Digital edition or print only. You can just cancel the direct debit after the £1 is taken out.

No I didn't say it was because of the paper. However until people are willing to pay for articles on the web, then some of the best will appear on paper as that is (although diminishing) a way to make a living out of their skill and knowledge. Sometimes free isn't the bargain it appears.


Interesting, so for some the feel of holding a paper is more important than the info contained ? personally I dont care about the medium as long as I can get my info ! in the end info is like mind food and I guess paper is to satisfy the touch senses, for people who are more sentimental and attached to early human made medium ?


You could say the same for newspapers, however there are still many articles written by journalists and only printed in newspapers. Good detailed information is of course available on-line but just because some is available doesn't make a paper document superfluous.


I don't understand this, with the internet available, why would you need a PAPER printed articles for PC related issues ? are people that much attached to paper ? What are missing/or cant find on the internet that is on this mag ? I never purchased a computer mag after 1996, all my knowledge is from internet and still growing...


Nice to see a recent cover being used to illustrate this deal ;)