Suede - Head Music (CD) £2.47 delivered @ 101cd.Com

Suede - Head Music (CD) £2.47 delivered @ 101cd.Com

mod 8
Found 10th Jun 2010
Great album and a no brainer if you don't already own this at this price

1. Electricity
2. Savoir Faire
3. Can't Get Enough
4. Everything Will Flow
5. Done
6. She's In Fashion
7. Asbestos
8. Head Music
9. Elephant Man
10. Hi-Fi
11. Indian Strings
12. He's Gone
13. Crack In The Union Jack


Great price, I loved this album when it was released, however it got mixed reviews.

Cracking album, hot from me! Lucky enough to see these live a few months back as I was too young to see them first time round

Suede were never the same after Bernard left.

Nice find, What an album!!

Got all the albums and seen them live 6 times - great band.

Not their best album, but its up there. good price!

Showing at £5.37 for me :-(

me too
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