SugarSync online backup/sync 99p for 10GB (via trialpay)

SugarSync online backup/sync 99p for 10GB (via trialpay)

Found 5th Mar 2011
SugarSync are offering a special 10gb (unlimited computers) storage plan for signing up via Trialpay. I have done this via HP Snapfish, which also gives 40 6x4 prints for NEW customers - thus you can get 40 free 6x4 prints + a years worth of SugarSync 10gb plan for the postage price of the prints (99p) - the activation code came from Trialpay a few minutes after I checked out (i used paypal)

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I have trialled Dropbox and other similar services and I prefer Sugarsync mainly because it allows access through my workplace ISA/Firewall, but also gives decent space and is reasonsbly quick on my internet connection for uploads!


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Not sure why but main link doesnt work, try below…ay/

This looks like spam to me (earn through referral link).

Direct link for free 5gb account…b=5

Direct link for trialplay 10gb account (not free)…55o

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The referral link is only if you want the standard 5gb + free 500mb. Visit the Sugarsync site direct if you want 5gb only.

Here is proof of my confirmation, Trialpay send you an activation code once done - simple
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