Sugru - Exciting new self-setting rubber - 50% off Today!

Sugru - Exciting new self-setting rubber - 50% off Today!

Found 18th Jul 2012
My first deal, hope it's good!

Basically Sugru is great for making or fixing stuff around the house.

USE THE CODE: 50twitterjuly18

Example: Multi-Colour 8x5g would be £12.42 inc Delivery, with the code it's £6.92

Loads of info on Sugru here
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Great find!
From my own personal experience of this stuff it is fairly uselss. Doesn't bond well to surfaces at all
Looks interesting. Will give it a go, not sure how much area it covers, can't see that info.
Easier to make your own with Caulk and Cornstarch.
thanks! have some headphones im gonna try and fix with this.
I've used it with my iPhone data cable and laptop charger and it works really well.

Even around sinks etc - I ordered some for the oven as shown on the website, have the same problem with the knobs overheating!
Can't think of any use for it yet but will try and find one.

Easier to make your own with Caulk and Cornstarch.

It might be cheaper .... but I can't even begin to imagine that it's easier!
Looks good ... but I've got nothing to fix at the moment and can't imagine I will have within the use by date of 6 months! But good to have bookmarked .... even though it might be more expensive when I eventually need it
im gonna order some at the discount to try it on a fix for a couple of worn psu cables BUT and its a big BUT

1. it has a shelf life of ONLY 6 months

2. its "moisture" that sets the silicone so once you open a packet youre screwed unless you use it all

even at half price its very expensive for what it is ... really they are milking it which is why its only a crappy direct channel only
This stuff is great - I've repaired 4x broken zip pulls and 2x rubber shock absorbers- one on a kneeling chair and one a exercise bike- in every case it would have been incredibly difficult to repair as parts were not available. probably not that useful if everything you buy is new but fantastic for repairing stuff
I have given it a go too. Got kids and wild animals (2 Cockerpoos) roaming the house breaking and chewing things.
You can extend its storage life by keeping unopened sachets in the fridge. Think I'll get some more... it's good stuff.
Expired - says code is unrecognised - presumably their unhelpful way of noting that it's no longer July 18th. Will save my money then!
I got some and fixed my 3 charger leads and its £3 in B&Q right now fantastic stuff
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