Suicide Squad 6 inch DC Multiverse Figures (prob store specific!) - £7.99 instore @ B&M Sunderland

Suicide Squad 6 inch DC Multiverse Figures (prob store specific!) - £7.99 instore @ B&M Sunderland

LocalFound 14th Feb 2017
This deal could be store specific so don't blame me if you can't find them near you, however whilst in my local B&M's they had several of these 6" DC Multiverse figures on their shelves. They had:

Harley Quinn (without jacket)
Captain Boomerang
Batman (with interchangeable scuba head)

Looking online at places like Forbidden Planet etc, the Harley Quinn alone goes for £24.99

This is probably worth a thread on it's own but since I found them at the same time in the same store I'll add it here. They also had the Dark Knight Returns Figure box set for £24.99, this set includes Joker, Batman, Superman and Robin (Carrie Kelley). This set is going for around £29 on the likes of Toys R Us.

I hope this find helps someone.

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Brill find! Just raced to my local (wolverhampton) and grabbed this barman set! Sadly no suicide squad figures but will keep an eye out!
They had some 2 stores in Swansea but now sold out
The stores were llansamlet and fforest farch stores BM they are all sold out
They had the ones mentioned in the first post and also Deadshot and the Joker with the long coat in the B&M in Belle Vale.
Cheers OP! The Fforestfach branch had some in. Whilst I was there, I managed to grab myself The Flash Hot Wheels vehicle. #Chuffed
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Im looking for the Joker one, so gonna go hunting for it over thr weekend, hopefully they will also do the Harley Quinn jacket variant figure too. Glad this find was beneficial to some folks.
I have a spare joker and Harley quins to swap looking for lego items
Hotwheels flash is in every bm stores if anybody looking for them
They have just had more of the figures in bm Swansea stores suicide squad figures l
Has anyone had any luck getting hold of Diablo from B&M stores near you as it would seem all of my local (within a 16 mile radious) haven't had any??
Does anyone have any spares of these?
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