Suit for £49 [INSTORE ONLY] @ Moss Bros

Suit for £49 [INSTORE ONLY] @ Moss Bros

Found 9th Nov 2008
My dad got one off these yesturday troursers jacket ,shirt and tie for £49 Online it says sold out but avalible from stores nationwide.


Just the ticket to wear to court after the xmas festivities!

Got to be better value (and more impressive to the judge) than the Georgeatasda versions.

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;-) i hope thats not why my dad bought one!!

is is stylish or one for the older 27


is is stylish or one for the older 27

Its not bad. I would have bought one if they were my size. 2 button, double vent. This style won't go away for years.

Don't know too much about the quality though. I got sucked in since it said the RRP was over £150 and now its £50. But Burton also have suits for sale at around this price as well so I'm not sure which ones are actually better.

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yeah they are modern suits they had quite a good selection of shirts and ties to choose from aswell.
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