suitcase sale @ revelationlondon

suitcase sale @ revelationlondon

Found 12th Apr 2016
Just thought someone else might be looking for a good suitcase that didnt cost the earth... ive been looking for ages for a bright suitcase that i would see at the airport... i bought the maddie suitcase this is the medium one on sale,no one has these cases as cheap as they sell themselfs

large for £32 this has now sold out but keep checking as they come back in stock...they have a weekly deal on a case and they knock even more of them.hopefully this will help someone else
the suitcase arrived the day after i ordered it too...
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I wasn't sure about this site, to be honest as the prices seem so low. It does appear to be the Antler company, though so I'm going to order a case and see how it goes. What's the quality of the case you bought? Is it what you expected? Really good find at these prices for genuine Revelation/Antler make.
just bought 4 cases... 3 lightweight hold bags and a matching cabin bag... the way they get chucked around I refuse to pay proper money on luggage anymore, it's disheartened when they come back messed up and before anyone comments yes I was a baggage handler when at uni but I always handled every bag with care as if it was my own...
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