Suitcases in Tesco - were £45.00 now £11.00 plus LOTS more INSTORE

Suitcases in Tesco - were £45.00 now £11.00 plus LOTS more INSTORE

Found 16th Sep 2011
So called into tesco today for lunch and found the following :

Large Revelation cases were £50.00 now £12.00
Medium Revelation cases were £45.00 now £11.00
Small Revelation cases were £40.00 now £10.00

All are very good quality with 7 years warranty.

Also a Tesco finest 4 wheeler medium - was £45.00 now £11.00

All found as usual in Tesco Warrington Winwick road


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Theres the link to the set :

and for the finest one :

Enjoy peeps, plenty of them on the shelves too.


do you know the weight of any of these please? nothing on the website

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They dont give any weights on the labels either im afraid.

Just a number for your warranty being - Antler in Manchester


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24" (medium i think) is 4.1kg

Taken from asda site

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large weight is 4.7kg


quite heavy arnt they if you have only 20kg overall, will take alook on route

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Being a man I can go away for a week with the 5kg hand luggage


Hi All,

has any one got this in any other Tesco store in london near hounslow.
May be isleworth or south hall
Thanks in adbvance

Got one of the medium ones in Watford yesterday, didn't have many left. The hand luggage case was £3.25

Medium was 3.8kg, just got 2 red ones from Dunfermline store,
thanks OP!

Got a medium Revelation Indy in the Irvine store earlier for £11, last one on the shelf. Thanks to the OP for the heads up. First of the in-store Tesco bargains for me, all the hard drives are still full price!!

Non of the Finest ones where discounted.

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I went to Tesco in Stockton still being sold for £40.

any stores in the birmingham area selling these?

just got 6 piece set from hartlepool £10 had a few left

Lol mam you geek!
I too got a 6 piece, sel states £80 scans at 10 quid. Aboutfour left, look on very top shelf too.

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Added some more on the shelves in Warrington today
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