Suits and Shirts 70% off @ Suit Direct
Suits and Shirts 70% off @ Suit Direct

Suits and Shirts 70% off @ Suit Direct

Warehouse clearance at suitdirect. Its been on for 4 days now so a lot of stuff gone but still some good deals left - I got a Ben Sherman suit for 50 quid and a Alexandre Saville Row suit for 99. Site is SLOOOOW so persevere!

7.07% extra off via Topcashback too!


Looks a great deal judging by the prices, but as you say, a lot of the stock has gone. I fancied two suits, but 38R and 40R are all gone. Thanks for posting, though, it might just benefit somebody who can get lucky on sizes.

Yes site is very slow. Can you give me the direct link for the Ben Sherman suit? Thanks!

Ah found it, but all sold out. Same story for most of the suits

Took a risk oO free returns so it can only be a waste of time and not money
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This would be hot if the site actually responded in less than an hour.

site's ok for me. hotter if there was actually any stock left.

site very slow for me too

supa slow mo

If you use the code RELAUNCH you get a further 20% discount at checkout
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