Suits you Sir.... Suits for less than £15 @ Asda

Suits you Sir.... Suits for less than £15 @ Asda

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Found 12th Feb 2010
As the title mentions, i have been over to my Asda store in nottingham tonight and have bought a suit jacket and suit trousers. The trousers were on sale at just £3.50 and the jacket on sale at £8.50.

Thought it was worth mentioning so you might want to look in your local stores too.


bargain as i need some trousers for technically tomorrow and i doubt ill wear them again as im in the process of losing weight and thus probably wont fit again.

Why does this say £15 when it states £8.50 plus £ used to be £12 in my day!!!

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Well as £12 is less than £15 then i would say the title is right!!

Shocking - but ok if you don't touch anything metal!
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