Summer Cool Quilt 4.5 Tog Single 3.78 @ Wilkos

Summer Cool Quilt 4.5 Tog Single 3.78 @ Wilkos

Found 1st Jun 2010
if ever our british summer arrives..... then this will be a great deal if you want a summer quilt.


voted hot. I use 4.5 tog for my little one, so its always great to get a spare in case she is sick!!


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Good deal

good time to buy when it is at that much or you will be paying a lot more when you need one so you can buy and put it back for when you need one but not all of the Wilkos have the same stuff for sell i have 3 Wilkos never to me and there all sell not the same i will have a look still good for that

I've already switched to mine, it's just about warm enough.
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