Summer Heights High [DVD] [2007] - £7.38 @ Amazon

Summer Heights High [DVD] [2007] - £7.38 @ Amazon

Found 4th Feb 2010
Puck you, Miss!

Summer Heights High, written by and starring Chris Lilley, is the award winning Australian mockumentary series starring three of the funniest protagonists - all played by Lilley - to hit our screens in years.

The effeminate, yet megalomaniacal, Greg Gregson--aka 'Mr G'--is the self-appointed 'Director of Performing Arts', passionate about his 'innovative' teaching methods and determined to write his own 'Arena Spectacular'. Summer Heights High is the third school in eighteen months for Jonah Takalulah, a teenager with Attention Deficit Disorder and problems with aggression. His best hope is to avoid being expelled, but he says he's 'not dumb' he's just 'choosing not to be smart at the minute.' Private school exchange student Ja'mie King is struggling to cope away from her privileged background at 'like, the boganist school ever.'


Great comedy if you like this check out we are hero's also by chri lilley. hot.:thumbsup:

"Thank god you're here, Grandmas been raped!"

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