Summer Infant : Nail Clipper Set was £69.99 now £2.99

Summer Infant : Nail Clipper Set was £69.99 now £2.99

Found 26th Jun 2008
2 sizes
Newborn and Standard
Standard size features swivel handle for easier clipping at a better angle.


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the only problem with this price is that you got to pay delivery, unless you spend over £15

£69.99 for a nail clipper set who they kidding ?

what lmao a nail clipper 69.99 who are you kidding :w00t:

try poundland, or mothercare for a better quality one.

£69.99 :w00t:

Are you kidding?

I see a new record for cold coming soon

:thinking::p :lol:

swivel handle :thumbsup:


I think the original price was £6.99, but someone has made an obvious typo, still it's much cheaper at £2.99 - less than half price, but not the bargain it at first appears. FYI this has been on 'offer of the day' website for months, and I always have a laugh when I see it......

But voted hot as it's still less than 1/2 price.....

This was posted awhile ago and of course it received the same reaction

£69.99??? :thinking:

When you have a child nothing’s to expensive :w00t:
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