Summer sale - half marked ticket price - instore @ Boots.com
Summer sale - half marked ticket price - instore @ Boots.com

Summer sale - half marked ticket price - instore @ Boots.com

Just been to Boots in Brighton (North Street) where there was a large section of reduced items. Not sure if this is nationwide or just specific to this store, but worth investigating! I managed to pick up a Botanics travel bag containing 4 travel size bottles of shower gel and body lotion and the like, comb, hair masks = £5. Cranium board game = £10. Gillette deodorant sticks = 50p each. Young scientist kit exploring various flight models = £2.50. There were loads of No7 sun creams, Botanics fake tan, FCUK fake tan kits, all for a few pounds. GET ON DOWN, THE PRICE IS RIGHT!


Lots of stock in Swansea too.

Leapfrog Phonics Radio £2.50
Geomag Dekopanels Fashion £2.50
Water Magic colouring fun £2.50
Various Bionicles £2.50

Uniross Hybrio rechargeable batteries are cheap at Sheffield Meadowhall branch. £2.48 for 4x 2100mah AA's & £1.50 for 4x 800mah AAA's. These are the slow discharge rechargeable batteries, like Hitachi Eneloops.

I got myself a braun 8585 shaver with clean and charge base unit for £20. This would probably have cost nearer £150 when it was a current model. Also a vidal sassoon wave thingy for £2.50. Get looking the bargains are out there Don't forget the extra points vouuchers from the machines too, on my third purchase of reduced items coming to just under £10 I paid nothing. The points do add up

I picked up a cot mobil winnie the pooh was £39.99 reduced to £19.99 got to till payed £15 for it bargai as even stores own is more than tihs.

I bought a babybliss bubble magic kiddies bath spa, priced at £5, but when I paid I got it for just £2.50...... also bought a polaroid instant camera gift pack, with a 20 film pack, for £7.... and also got the packs of film for it, for £2.50... horley branch

Bromley had quite a few things (gift packs & 'summery' stuff) marked up with the red stickers which you then pay half of but also had quite a lot of clearance lines where you pay the sticker price.
Picked up branded body sprays & deodorants (Sure, Boxfresh & Gul) for around 50p to keep the old fella smelling fresh & maybe just a few bits for myself....
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