Summer Sale - Up to 81% off at Gizoo + Further 10% off using voucher

Summer Sale - Up to 81% off at Gizoo + Further 10% off using voucher

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Found 30th Jul 2009
Want to pick up some of this year's latest gadgets and gifts at massively reduced prices? This year's Summer Sale is packed with even more bargains and sizzling summer offers. Check out our full gadget sale below and fill your shopping basket with some of the coolest gifts and must-have home gizmos in the gadget world today!

As with every sale everywhere some things are not great prices but others are; but Gizoo is so random that it's worth taking a look, even if it is only to go "Wow, I never knew they made this"

Free Delivery on orders over £30

A few things I spotted were: -

Emergency Car Tool
Five essential tools in one hand-held device to help you get safely out of your car and attract attention.
Only £3.95 Save 60%

Scart Multi Plug
Stop fumbling around behind your TV when you need to change your scart leads over - you could be damaging the scart pins.. .
Only £1.95 Save 80%

Teatool - Tea Strainer
Insert the teabag into the Teatool, squeeze and dispose resulting in a better flavoured cup of tea, no burnt fingers and no more dripping teabags... pass the biscuits!
Only £2.95 Save 50%

Window & Door Alarm 4pk
Protect your home against unwanted intruders with this effective, low-cost door and window security alarm.
Only £3.95 Save 60%

Gas Energy Saver
Cook food faster, use less gas and save money with this easy-to-use Gas Energy Saver!
Only £5.95 Save 34%

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Plus 13% Quidco!

Sorry, cashback is not accepted if voucher code is used.

Still the 13% is still better than the 10% voucher!

Play about with the figures & do whatever works out best!
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