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SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary Blu-ray (Pre Order) - £12.99 @ WWE DVD

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Pre-Order - 29th August
30th Anniversary of SummerSlam 1992 (Live from Wembley Stadium)
Now £9.99 via Amazon



DVD also available - £12.99


SummerSlam 1992 Countdown Show – unavailable on the WWE Network

Dark Match – “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & The Bushwhackers vs. The Mountie & The Nasty Boys

Dark Match – Papa Shango vs. “El Matador” Tito Santana

Dark Match – Tatanka vs. The Berzerker

"Live" & "Broadcast" playback options, so you can watch the event as it happened in Wembley Stadium, or as it was broadcast on PPV


Superstars - Aug 15, 1992

Superstars - Aug 22, 1992

Superstars - Aug 29, 1992

All stacked with tons of interviews, promos, and content building to SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley Stadium!!!
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    This was £9.99 on pre-order at Amazon for ages. Not sure why the bump in price. Anyhow, great PPV and great times
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    Oh wow that brings back memories. I actually went.

    Had some decent seats as well but some kid turned up in Road Warrior get-up, complete with spiked shoulder pads, and sat about 5 rows in front of us. As he took his seat, he said to us "Am i going to be in the way ?". We all said "Yeah" and he said "Tough". Every picture I had of that night had that jackass front and centre ..

    Although it gave me a rather excellent claim to fame because there's a clip of this kid right at the start of the Road Warriors match on this PPV and you can see the top of my head right behind him - they even used the clip on a Botchamania once as well ! (edited)
    I was gutted as never got to go
    I’d bought the Ultimate Warrior jacket out of my paper round money in preparation but my Dad was so slow they’d sold out of tickets by the time he tried to get some.
    I got Warrior to sign my Jacket in 2005 though

    47723411-Cuot4.jpg (edited)
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    WWF > WWE
    Will always be WWF to me
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    WWE fans are gonna by this, whether they want to, or not!
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    I went to this and it was a great day if you have not seem it it is good entertainment . Can not believe it was 30 years ago wow.

    Replying to

    I refer to wrestling as a live action stunt show with soap opera level acting. Though to be fair, some storylines do drag you in better than others.
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    I'll just leave this here for the OSW Review crowd
    Best YouTube wrestling show bar none. Proud to have enrolled at Nogger University
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    I was 10 years old and this was my life. Ah the memories. Heat.
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    Bret Heart, The Honkey Tonk Man, Big Boss Man, Sgt Slaughter, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Jake The Snake Roberts, The Macho Man Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Ted Dibiase, Hacksaw Jim Duggen, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, plus all the others I missed. Oh mighty WWF what became of you!
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    The British Bulldogs gonna win whether he wants to or not
    "Who's going to buy this Blu Ray, that's right, I have a history of buying Blu Ray, so I'm going to buy this Blu Ray… BECAUSE I'M BIZARRE!!"
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    I literally just watched this a month or so back, what a show. From back when Wrestling was great

    I saw the WWE last summer at the Newcastle Arena as my mate was meant to be going with his brother, but his brother caught COVID so I was asked if I fancied it.

    I don't watch wrestling anymore, I lost interest when the 'fun' WWF with the gimmicks, disappeared in the early 90s, so I knew none of these wrestlers, and my god what's happened to the WWE? the dullest wrestling show ever, yes, plenty of technical ability, but where are the characters, and the ridiculous story lines? Now it's just a bloke in black Speedos called Keith versus another bloke in black Speedos called Malcolm or whatever. Rubbish!

    What they need is Warrior versus Savage and Bret versus Bulldog!

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    Same price on Amazon, thanks
    I don’t have prime so went with WWE Home Video as it’s got free postage, also got £1.43 cashback via TopCashback.
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    30 years... Wow 😳. The world was a completely different place back then and we all thought wrestling was legit fighting

    Replying to

    Kids did. If kids can believe in Santa, they can believe in angry men in trunks
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    I was there. Undertaker was my fave, funny how he doesn't get a mention on the cover, it was a casket match and his entrance was amazing (on the back of a hearse with a vulture!). Couple of great entrances that day, LOD on bikes with gold shoulder pads! Biggest aisle I've ever seen
    It was just a regular match with Kamala at SummerSlam. It wasn’t until Survivor Series 1992 they had the ‘Coffin Match’. And I’m afraid the vulture was from WrestleMania 9. But this is the one with the hearse, and still a great entrance!
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    Just noticed my Amazon order is now showing £9.99 so I'm glad it dropped back.
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    I went too, I remember Sky Sports screened it 2 days after but they omitted some matches along with the current WWE Network catalogue of events, no idea why. Only WWE Tag has the original full event.

    "Where's is Mr Perfect? Well he's in the dressing room"

    Bulldog had alot of issues coming into this, serious drug problems and Bert did his best to keep him in the company, he had alot of blackouts in Pre Rehearsals and Bret was worried but they put on a great match and somehow pulled it off. (edited)
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    Still blows my mind that Davey told Bret before the start of the match that he'd basically forgotten everything and Bret carried him through the whole thing.
    Shows how good Bret was to carry the main event off like that and i think the road warriors (LOD) where under the influence to (or one of them).
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    Fun fact...

    Was the first "major" PPV Hulk Hogan didn't appear at, because he was filming Mr Nanny at the time.
    Actually that’s only partly accurate, Hogan's match at WM8 was billed as being his last match as he’d announced his retirement from the ring. However in reality, Hogan took a hiatus due to the steroid scandal which was beginning to emerge in the news media.
    That scandal however eventually saw both Warrior and Bulldog getting fired later that year.
    Originally Hogan was meant to be facing Flair for the title at WM8 but with the steroid thing looming they changed tact and brought Savage back to ring duties and put Hogan up against Sid instead using the retirement angle.
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    Vince McMahon in a LOT of hot water nowadays....No means No,Vinnie!!!
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    This brings back everything. Went to a mates house to watch as I didn't have sky, was looking forward to it for months! Brett, Davey and Diana were so emotional for me. Ha crazy looking back.
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    WWF = Never Forgotten
    WWE = Forgotten
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    I was there, great day
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    I was there too, first WWF PPV outside the US. I've still got the programme somewhere and the green foam hand. Glorious weather too, they don't do it like that anymore.
    Me too, great day but WM6 was outside the US - 1990.
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    I was there 12 years old! Went with a friend and his parents, we was supposed to be close to the the ring but there had been a mess up with tickets and we got took to a room were there was about 30 people in same situation, we were given envelopes which I assume was probably refunds and moved to the very top seats in the stadium, it was like watching pin heads i was gutted
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    Thanks OP, ordered
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    They were the days 😪
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    I watched this live on Sky & the thing I remember most is the final pin & the HUGE cheer that came after.
    Unfortunately for us it wasn’t shown live, it was held on the 29th August and wasn’t aired until the 31st.
    I believe that was the first time one of their big PPV events had not had a live TV broadcast.
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    Showing £9.99 for me on amazon
    Yeah that happened today, not much use to me mind as don’t have Prime so whatever saving there is would be taken up by postage.