Sumvision Phoenix Premium Divx HDMI DVD player 1080P DIVX/XVID/MP4 Black - £24.99 plus del @ Ebuyer

Sumvision Phoenix Premium Divx HDMI DVD player 1080P DIVX/XVID/MP4 Black - £24.99 plus del @ Ebuyer

Found 5th Feb 2010
Use the USB Port to watch downloaded content from the net or your digital camera!
Plays on your standard TV or use a HDMI cable to bring your HD TV to life!

HDMI output with 1080p upscaling means best picture quality transferring high definition video and audio from your Xenta DVD player to your HD compliant TV Home Theatre or other digital AV components without loss of any digital signal


why cold... Great Reviews?
Hot from me

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I have one of these bought one before I had a blu ray player, and if you think you are going to get the same results from the upscalling part of a blu ray player i've use a lg/sony/samsung, then this will not. I have even tryed it on other tvs and it's crap.

But it's upto people if they want to buy it or not but me I would not bother and just try buy a cheap blu ray player thats about.

The thing is people go out and pay £400 - £2000 ex on a tele and then they go and bung on of these on it :-D

I know some will might buy it for the kids bedroom, but give your kids some credit and let them watch their films in a nice pic instead of this

I am sorry but SumVision stuff really is chip shop quality stuff... I have had better quality electronics from Christmas Crackers.

I have one and it's rubbish, don't waste your money. And as to "Great Reviews" if they are for a product sold by Ebuyer then, personally, I take them all with a big pinch of salt.

I have one to use as a simple USB player at my GFs, and it works brilliantly. She has a CRT TV, and I put stuff on for the kids to watch. Not sure we've used the DVD part of it, just the USB, but I can't fault it for that at all.

If however you are buying this because you want a decent upscaler for your 42" TV, I think you'll find the TV does the job better. If you want blu-ray quality buy a blu-ray player, simples. If you want a small device that plays most DiVX you throw at it for under 30 notes, get this.

If you take away the 'upscaling' and '1080P' foolishness and buy it for what it is then these are pretty good, play anything you throw at them etc etc, but if you're expecting some kind HD then you will be sadly disappointed.

Had one of these for a while,for usb connection to be worth the money....let's not get hung up's not a ps3:roll:

3 comments above mine are bang on, great for the USB/ memory slot/ DIV X side of things.

Mine wasn't rubbish because it had poor upscaling, it was rubbish because it didn't work properly. The most memorable fault that comes to mind, amongst many others, being that I had to turn it off and on again at the wall to get it to recognise a USB drive or SD card. Very poor quality in my experience.

I wanted to buy it few weeks ago but didn't as it has bad reviews on the internet
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