Sumvision Phoenix Premium Upscaling HDMI DVD Player 1080i, 1080p £34.99  @ Amazon

Sumvision Phoenix Premium Upscaling HDMI DVD Player 1080i, 1080p £34.99 @ Amazon

Found 14th Jan 2010
Ever wished your DVD movies would look cleaner and crisper whilst watching them through your HDMI Ready LCD/Plasma Television? Sumvision have the answer. Using the latest up-scaling technology Sumvision's Phoenix HDMI DVD player can breath new life into the picture quality of your DVD movies. The Phoenix enhances both the colour and definition of the images from your DVDs and pictures on a High Definition (HD) display. Added features of the Phoenix player include a built-in SD/MS/MMC memory card slot meaning you can display pictures (although not video) stored on your card straight onto your TV via the Phoenix. The unit also houses a USB2.0 slot so you can transfer and display image files from stored on a USB pen drive onto your TV. Playback media supported;DVD DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-R DVD-RW CD-R CD-RW CD Audio CD Video MPEG4 SVCD MP3 JPEG XviD DivX Connectivity; HDMI component video S-Video SCART 5.1channel audio stereo audio coaxial digital audio optical digital audio USB2.0 SD/MMC Memory Stick HDMI Video output support; 480i 480p 576i 576p 720p 1080i 1080p Function keys; 3 level zoom multi-angle repeat 16x fast forward


is it region free

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Personally I never believe dvd players still cost this much, I would expect to pay this much on one of same specs by brands like PHILIPS Samsung etc 2 years ago.... but now 35 pounds for dvd player is still kinda high in my eyes shouldn't cost more than 15 - 20 in my opinion .... with blue ray player for 50 pounds etc.... dvds are not worth that much in my eyes anymore ....
Not voting on this ....

ehpablo;7537131 on ebuyer £28.59

just shows a blank ebuyer page for me.

I've exchanged three of these things due to them breaking down, the worst dvd players i've ever used. It's hit or miss whether they'll let you play your disks, then they stop playing disks altogether after a month.

ehpablo;7537131 on ebuyer £28.59

delivery will be a few quid as well

I had one of these for a about six months.
No problems and decent enough for region free DVD's and playing DivX's from USB or disc.

I've just purchased a Panasonic all-in-one home cinema system and the quality of picture from DVD's and DivX's from that is FAR superior thou.

i bought one of these...…915
plays movies off a usb flash drive...saved me hours & money faffing about with dvd disc's.

here's the flash drive i use...…053


delivery will be a few quid as well

£33.39 all in with super saver delivery...
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